Joanne Froggatt (Liar, Downton Abbey) has reunited with writers Harry and Jack Williams (Liar, The Missing) for Angela Black, a new Hickcockian thriller coming to ITV.

With a first class cast and the usual twists, turns and surprises from the Williams brothers scripts, TV fans can expect a must-watch drama this autumn.

Here's everything you need to know about Angela Black…

What is Angela Black?

ITV has revealed the following description for the series…

Angela Black’s life appears idyllic: a lovely house in suburban London, days working as a volunteer at the dogs’ home, two wonderful sons and a charismatic, hard-working husband, Olivier (Michiel Huisman). However, beneath this façade of charmed domesticity, Angela is also the victim of domestic abuse.

Trapped in a relationship she cannot escape, Angela is approached out of the blue by Ed (Samuel Adewunmi), a private investigator, who spills Olivier’s darkest secrets. When faced with some horrifying truths about her husband, a stunned Angela is left reeling. Can she really trust Ed? Can she leave behind her life as she knows it and finally free herself from Olivier?

With one encounter, Angela’s life switches from school runs and the dogs’ home to private detectives and buried secrets as she risks everything she holds dear to fight back against the man who has suppressed and tormented her for most of her life. 

When is Angela Black on ITV?

The ITV drama, which comprises six episodes, airs on Sundays at 9pm. 

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Who is in the Angela Black cast?

Angela - Played by Joanne Froggatt

Joanne Froggatt in ITV drama Liar ITV
Joanne Froggatt in ITV drama Liar

Golden Globe and BIFA-award winner and three times Emmy-nominated Joanne Froggatt (Liar, Downton Abbey) takes on the role of Angela, a suburban housewife whose seemingly perfect life isn’t all it appears to be.

Froggatt said in a Q&A with press:  "I think what really interested me about Angela was that she was a woman who was about to find her voice. In our first episode, she hasn't yet got to that point. She hasn't yet found her strength and re-found herself. 

"When you meet her she's seemingly living this perfect life. She's got this lovely husband, this lovely house, these lovely children. From the outside, everything's dreamy. But you scratch the surface and there's so much more going on underneath."

Olivier - Played by Michiel Huisman

Michiel Huisman as Olivier in Angela Black ITV

Also cast is Michiel Huisman (The Flight Attendant, Game of Thrones, The Haunting of Hill House) in the role of Angela’s husband Olivier.

Huisman told a press Q&A it was a real challenge to play Olivier and understand why he treats Angela the way he does.

"The challenge for me was to understand why he would do that, because only then could I play it.

"Even when you're playing a character who turns out to be a horrible guy like Olivier, I need to sympathise with this guy. I need to understand him. So that was my challenge. 

"A lot of that comes from... his desire to be in control of his life, to be in control of his wife especially. And to uphold this perfect picture of success, a beautiful family. When he starts to lose that control is when the demon comes out and he lashes out."


Ed - Played by Samuel Adewunmi

Samuel Adewunmi as Ed in Angela Black ITV

BIFA-award winner Samuel Adewunmi (The Hatton Garden Job, The Last Tree, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man) will star as enigmatic stranger, Ed.

Adewunmi told press at a Q&A: "When I first met Ed, I was just like, 'who's this guy? Who's just random person that's just come into this poor woman's life?.

"And now he's trying to turn it upside down, in a way. It was exciting.

"As the show progresses, we end up finding out a lot more about Ed. But my initial reaction was one of just intrigue and being taken in by his character, what his motives were and trying to understand where he sat in the whole show. What was his intention when he came into Angela's life?"

How many episodes of Angela Black are there?

The ITV thriller has six 60-minute episodes.

It is directed by Craig Viveiros (Rillington Place, And Then There Were None).

Watch Angela Black if you liked…

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Watch Angela Black on ITV this October.

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