If you loved Behind Her Eyes on Netflix, you’ll be pleased to know that the streaming service is getting ready to launch another must-see thriller adaptation.

This time, Sarah Vaughan’s bestselling novel Anatomy of a Scandal gets the TV treatment and it’s attracted an impressive cast starring Sienna Miller.

Plus, it's been written and executive produced by David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies, Goliath) and Melissa James Gibson (House of Cards, The Americans).

Here’s all you need to know about the Netflix series.

What's the release date of Anatomy of a Scandal?

The brand new, six-part, psychological thriller launches on Netflix on 15 April.

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What's the plot of Anatomy of a Scandal?

Described by Netflix as an “insightful and suspenseful series”, it focuses on a sexual consent scandal among the British privileged elite, and the women caught up in its wake.

Anatomy of a Scandal is the story of political high-flyer James, who is accused of a terrible crime, and his wife Sophie, who is utterly convinced that he is innocent.

But when the case goes to court, barrister Kate, who is prosecuting, has her own reasons for believing that James is definitely guilty – and she’s determined to prove it.

If you liked the TV adaptation of Apple Tree Yard, you won’t want to miss this similarly-paced thriller.

Is Anatomy of a Scandal a true story?

No, it's not. The TV series is an adaptation of Sarah Vaughan’s fictional novel of the same name, a hit psychological thriller about sexual consent.

Who's in the cast of Anatomy of a Scandal?

Sienna Miller as Sophie

Sienna Miller plays Sophie Whitehouse, an Oxford graduate, wife to James (Rupert Friend) and mother-of-two, whose perfectly charmed life is about to implode.

Miller is best known for her roles in the films Layer Cake, American Sniper and Alfie, plus the TV series The Loudest Voice.

Sienna Miller Netflix

Michelle Dockery as Kate

Michelle Dockery plays Kate Woodcroft, QC, a steely criminal barrister specializing in prosecuting sexual crimes who’s risen quickly in her field, and just got handed the case of a lifetime.

Dockery shot to fame as Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey and is also known for roles in The Gentleman, Godless and Good Behaviour.

Michelle Dockery Netflix

Rupert Friend as James

Rupert Friend (Homeland, The French Dispatch, The Young Victoria) plays the older version of James Whitehouse, the husband of Sienna Miller's character, Sophie. He's an ambitious and charismatic junior minister who has always shared his wife's good fortune - until now. 

Ben Radcliffe (Pandora) plays the character of James in his younger days.

Rupert Friend Netflix

Naomi Scott as Olivia

Naomi Scott (Aladdin, Charlie's Angels) plays Olivia, a parliamentary researcher with a bright future who’s facing a powerful adversary.

Anatomy of a Scandal Naomi Scott Netflix

Josette Simon as Angela

Josette Simon (Wonder Woman, The Witcher) plays Angela, a talented defence lawyer who's admired amongst her peers. She faces one of her toughest challenges to date when she takes on the case for James Whitehouse, and stands on the opposite side of the courtroom to her adversary, Kate Woodcroft.

Amelie Bea Smith as Emily

Amelie Bea Smith (the most recent voice of Peppa Pig) plays James and Sophie’s daughter, Emily.

Hannah Dodd as Young Sophie

Young Sophie is played by Hannah Dodd , who has appeared in Find Me in Paris and Harlots. Dodd will also star in Enola Homes 2, which will be released later this year.

Is there a trailer for Anatomy of a Scandal?

Get a glimpse at what's in store below.

Stream Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix from Friday 15 April.