Two-time Formula 1 World Champion and one of Spain’s biggest and most popular stars, Fernando Alonso is the latest sportsman to let Amazon Prime Video behind the scenes at home and on the track.

Fernando, a five-part docuseries, follows the racing driver’s past year in which he has competed in the Indianapolis 500 and the Le Mans 24 hours and enjoyed his first outing at Dakar Rally.

The series also introduces us to Alonso’s inner circle which includes his manager Luis García Abad, his sister Lorena Alonso, his partner Linda Morselli and his colleague Carlos Sainz, who all help to reveal the man behind the champion.

Amazon Prime Video have previously done series with tennis star Andy Murray and Spanish football icons Fernando Torres and Sergio Ramos, but the provocative, outspoken and box office value of Alonso may make it the most intriguing series yet.

Here are three things Alonso revealed about Fernando at the worldwide launch…

Amazon battled Alonso to film his home life

Fernando Alonso Amazon Prime Video

“It wasn’t easy to have a camera or a couple of cameras in your living room and gym, asking what I’m doing all the time,” confessed the notoriously private Spaniard.

“[The production team] would always be negotiating where they could come or not. They always in the end convinced me that they could come and fixed me with the mic and just said that I could tell them not to use it in the end.

“But it was a wonderful team, there was an atmosphere of trust and that can be seen in the documentary.”

Alonso also argued that his reputation of being frosty with the media was unfair, arguing that the press time Formula 1 drivers give every season far outweighs the access granted in other sports.

“To say a Formula 1 driver has a problem with the media or is too private… I have 150 press conferences a year,” he pointed out.

Joking about the media perception of him, he said: “You have to be careful, because if you’re friendly people will expect more and I won’t be able to get them off my back. So I’ll have to keep my reputation.”

Alonso isn’t bothered about changing minds

Alonso didn’t see the documentary as an opportunity to change his public perception.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,” he said.

“But it has served me well for people not to have such a high opinion of me, because people are always then surprised when they meet me. I don’t want to raise the bar, because then you tend to disappoint people.”

The uncompromising, two-time World Champion added: “It’s not something I’m really concerned about. On social media, people will always criticise things, especially when you are a public figure.

“But my team, my family, they are the opinions I care about. If millions of people watch the documentary and change their opinion, well, great.

"You never want people to view you badly. But if people have a bad opinion about me, maybe they should ask themselves ‘why?’ when they don’t even know me. “

Inside the mind of a Formula 1 legend

One of the most gifted racing drivers of his generation, Alonso has a spirit for adventure and passion for driving that very few people on the planet can dream of matching.

“I’m sure there will be surprises, even if for me, they are normal things,” said Alonso.

“For regular people to see what an ordinary year is for me; action, training, events and races, I think it will be thrilling for audiences.

“They will be able to see what it’s really like, the life of a driver.”

Season two has already begun filming with Amazon capturing Alonso’s mindset as he makes his comeback in Formula 1 in the quest for a third World Championship.

But what keeps driving the mercurial driver forward at this stage of his career?

Alonso insists there is no competitive gene in his family (“My parents are quite calm and are not competitive at all”), but admits that his competitive streak isn’t something he can switch on or off.

“In the supermarket when a person is going to get some milk, I go to try get there before them,” he revealed. “It’s like a game in my life.”

What is Fernando and when was it filmed?

The unprecedented five-part docuseries showcases Alonso’s passion for competing at the highest level and his utter determination to win.

Documenting the past year, the series overs his participation in the most famous motor races in the world like the Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans 24 hours, and culminates in his first outing at the Dakar Rally in January.

Will there a Fernando season 2?

Yes. Alonso has confirmed that filming is already underway for season 2 with Amazon following the driver’s recently announced return to Formula 1.

Alonso teased that it will reveal parts of Formula 1 that you don’t “normally see”.

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Fernando is available to watch now on Amazon Prime Video.

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