If you loved Girls and Sex Education, you won’t want to miss Netflix’s newest sitcom from Australia - Why Are You Like This.

The tale of three friends trying to navigate the tricky landscape of work, socialising and principles – or lack of them – in their early twenties, it’s a riotously funny take on finding your feet as adulthood begins.

Here’s all you need to know about when the series is streaming, what it’s about, and who you’ll see in it, including one familiar face from Neighbours.

When is Why Are You Like This on TV?

The series begins streaming on Netflix from Friday, April 16.

Why Are You Like This is six episodes long and was originally a pilot episode shown on ABC in Australia in 2018.

It was picked up for a full series in 2019 but although filming becan in March 2020, production delays due to the coronavirus pandemic meant that the cast were unable to complete the series until late 2020.

What is it about?

Described as three friends “storming through their early twenties in the divisive socio-political hellscape that is 2021”, the sitcom sees Mia, Penny and Austin struggle with holding down jobs, relationships, friendships and morals as they begin adulthood.

Narcissistic Mia begins the series by demanding severance pay when she’s fired from a job that she is terrible at, saying that her boss was discriminating against her. But when the pay off turns out to be much smaller than anticipated, she turns to exploiting creeps on the internet.

Austin has never had to work a day in his life, but devotes his time to his art and breaking into the ultra-competitive world of drag cabaret.

Meanwhile, his super-earnest, anxious housemate Penny is desperate to prove herself the ultimate ally to any marginalised person she meets – but is so quick to try to do the right thing that she often gets it completely wrong.

As the three of them try to navigate the complex social issues of their world using their own questionable moral compasses, they leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

Burning bridges with colleagues, friends and love interests while they also burn through their limited finances, Mia, Penny and Austin may not be good people, but they’re definitely fun to watch.

Who is in the cast?

Why Are You Like This stars Naomi Higgins, who was also the co-creator and co-writer of the show. She plays Penny and has previously written for the series Get Krackin’ as well as working as a stand-up comedian in Melbourne.

Why Are You Like This Netflix

She’s joined by Olivia Junkeer as Mia, who viewers may recognise from her time playing Yashvi Rebecchi on Australian soap Neighbours.

Completing the main cast is Wil King as Austin. King has previously appeared in Australian series Metrosexual and The Real Bushrangers.

Why Are You Like This begins streaming on Netflix from Friday, April 16

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