Ten Percent: Secrets from the Set of John Morton's new comedy series: Duck paté, dog accidents and starstruck moments

We speak to the cast of Prime Video comedy Ten Percent about behind-the-scenes secrets filming the Call My Agent remake.

By Alex Fletcher Updated: 28 April 2022 - 11.34am

From People Like Us to W1A and Twenty Twelve, writer John Morton has been behind some of the most iconic British comedy series in recent times.

His new series Ten Percent, inspired by the hit French series Call My Agent, takes Morton’s classic British sensibility and places it into the awkward world of celebrities and their agents.

Available now on Prime Video, the eight-episode comedy series boasts an impressive lead cast - Jack Davenport, Lydia Leonard, Prasanna Puwanarajah, Hiftu Quasem, Maggie Steed and Harry Trevaldwyn – and a smorgasbord of A-list cameos including Helena Bonham Carter, Dominic West and Emma Corrin.

We caught up with the show’s cast at the launch of the series and asked about the pressures of recreating a series as beloved as Call My Agent and discovered behind-the-scenes secrets from their time filming together.

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While all the cast admitted they had a sense of trepidation about doing a remake, it was the fact writer John Morton was onboard that persuaded them they should take on the challenge.

"He has such a specific and gorgeous way of writing," explained Harry Trevaldwyn.

It's not just Morton’s theatrical and rhythmical writing style that differentiates the British series from the French as the plots and storylines deviate after episode one.

However, one thing that has remained fixed is the A-list cameos, with celebrity guests poking fun at themselves – with Kelly Macdonald popping up in episode one, dealing with a crisis after being turned down for a role for looking too old.

"I was quite dazzled by the choice they made,” said Prasanna Puwanarajah. “To have their stories as people and professions laid bare to play with."

Hiftu Quasem and Harry Trevaldwyn admitted that the rotating door of camoes left them starstruck frequently.

"I didn’t play cool once," laughed Trevaldwyn. Killing Eve star Quasem added: "I was not chill with any of them."

However, the most problematic star in the cast wasn’t one of the A-listers, it was Stella Hart's (played by Maggie Steed) office dog.

"He was called Smurf," revealed Puwanarajah.

"Maggie spent a lot of the shoot smeared in duck pate," revealed Leonard.

"That is related to the dog," replied Puwanarajah.

Talking about her co-star, Steed explained that early on in the shoot, Smurf ran head first into a glass door.

"We all thought, 'Oh no! We killed the dog!" she joked.

Ten Percent streams all episodes on Prime Video now.