Dave's Taskmaster, the funniest entertainment show on TV, has been tickling us with four years of glorious series of silliness.

Hosts Greg Davies and Alex Horne set the barmy and brilliant challenges and watch as their gathered comedians compete for the Taskmaster crown.

There have been eight series so far with a wide range of contestants, from Iain Stirling (Love Island), Joe Thomas (The Inbetweeners), Lou Sanders (Sick of It), Paul Sinha (The Chase) to Sian Gibson (Car Share).

To reach that summit on Taskmaster, the comedians require a heady mixture of skill, ingenuity and luck as the intrepid potential heroes are required to, among other things, construct a seductive ventriloquist's dummy, cause a hideous food-based injury and apologise to Alex for the horrible thing they've just done to him. Needless to say - the best apology for the worst thing wins.

To celebrate the bonkers show's success here is a look back at some of Taskmaster's greatest ever challenges.

1. Noel Fielding's exotic sandwich

Noel Fielding often feels like he’s from another planet entirely, making him perfect Taskmaster material. So it was no surprise that he excelled at turning even the simpler tasks like making an ‘exotic sandwich’ into something bonkers.

2. The Tree wizard

Romesh anger and competitiveness made him a dream contestant in series one and his finest hour came in the ‘backwards’ challenge. We still find ourselves humming ‘Tree Wizard’ – an unforgettable comedy moments.

3. Rob Beckett rolls to victory

Nobody captured the spirit and enthusiasm of Taksmaster more than Beckett. His rolling and ‘athleticism’ in a race to microwave, without any steps, was hilariously daft television.

4. Entertaining the Mayor of Chesham

Arguably the finest ever Taskmaster challenge, it pushed the comedians to their embarrassment limit as they were forced to be as silly as possible with the poor Mayor of Chesham.

The winning effort? One word – Calippo!

5. Josh Widdicombe goes the extra mile

Nobody has ever shown quite the dedication of Josh Widdicombe to the Taskmaster cause – literally putting his body on the line to win.

6. How to get a potato in a golf hole

Katherine Ryan is the last woman standing in the Champions of Champions and she is a strong contender to take home the ultimate trophy. Smart, ultra-competitive and she can throw a potato in a hole better than anyone.

7. Everything with Bob Mortimer

The Shooting Stars comic is a godfather of British comedy and his surreal sense of humour meant that his series 5 win was never really in doubt. Here is a compilation of his finest moments so far…