Sex Education: There is an alternative filmed ending to season two

Director Ben Taylor reveals that he secretly shot a very different final ending to the Netflix teen drama’s season two finale.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 22 January 2020 - 12.48pm
Netflix Maeve and Otis played by Emma Mackey and Asa Butterfield

*Warning - Season two spoilers ahead*

Sex Education fans were left weeping and frustrated after the season two ending denied them a happy reunion for lead characters Otis and Maeve.

Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey's characters have felt destined to share a romantic and happy ending together since the start of season one. However, so far the duo have been pulled apart by other romantic interests.

In season one, Maeve was in a relationship with school sports star Jackson and in season two, Otis was in a relationship with Ola Nyman.

Emma Mackey as Maeve in Sex Education season 2 Netflix

However, with both characters finally single at the end of season two and Otis realising a lot of the mistakes and hurtful actions he made with his friend, fans were clamouring for a romantic ending.

What they actually got, had viewers pulling their hair out in frustration...

The final scene of the second season is Otis leaving a voicemail, admitting how stupid he has been and declaring his love for Maeve and asking her to call him back. However, before Maeve can hear the voicemail, Issac (George Robinson) who has feelings for Maeve deletes the message.

Creator and writer Laurie Nunn said that she always had "that ending" in her mind for season two, but director Ben Taylor did shoot one alternative when he filming the finale.

"I shot a thing just to see. Just to be naughty, because occasionally I can be," said the director.

"[The] shot you see in the finale is Otis and Maeve going off in different directions and it finishes on a single slow-mo tracking shot of each of them. Even with no dialogue Asa and Emma are incredible."

Asa BUtterfield as Otis Sex Education

In the alternative ending Taylor told Butterfield and Mackey: "Otis act like you’ve just seen Maeve. Maeve, act like you’ve just seen Otis."

Taylor said that in the alternate version, the season would have ended with viewers seeing "a smile" on both character's faces.

Commenting on the frustration of viewers having the Otis and Maeve 'Endgame' pulled away from them again, Taylor said that he believed it was the right decision from the writers to leave us hanging.

"I think shoes will be thrown at screens. In a good way. I love being p***ed off at stuff. You think you want it, but you don't," he said.

"I think about it all the time, because you want [the show] to be satisfying and nourishing and all the right things. They don't get it [in the ending], but five minutes before on screen, Eric gets a moment with Adam which for me is one of the greatest romantic gestures.

Emma Mackey Netflix

"[Eric and Adam] get it. They get their moment. But if you go around and give everyone their moment it may get a bit sugary."

Taylor added: "The people that were the most pissed off were Emma and Asa... they just really want the closure for their characters. But you’re not going to get that yet."

Writer Nunn teased: "They may never get it!"

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