Gemma and Terry are back. Everyone’s favourite crime-fighting comedy duo are back with three new murder mysteries to crack in Murder, They Hope.

After the success of one-off specials Murder on the Blackpool Express, Death on the Tyne and Dial M for Middlesbrough, the Draper’s Tour team now have their own three-part series.

Stars Johnny Vegas (Benidorm) and Sian Gibson (Car Share) are joined by two new regulars, Shobna Gulati (Dinnerladies) and Sarah Hadland (Miranda) and a gaggle of famous guest stars across the new episodes.

Terry – Played by Johnny Vegas

Johnny Vegas as Terry in Murder, They Hope UKTV

“Sometimes I struggle with stuff like this because I don't want to sound self-congratulatory. But I think people really enjoy the ensemble cast,” said Vegas, talking about the show’s success.

“They love going, ‘oh, look who it is!’ Also, audiences really like the fact that it definitely doesn't take itself too seriously. It's just a really enjoyable bit of escapism.

“Previously it was self-contained; you haven't really needed to watch the previous film to understand what's going on. We have tried to maintain an element of that as each story in this new series is self-contained. But there is also an arc and the characters have to develop a little bit throughout. But above all, it is still wonderful, harmless fun.”

Gemma – Played by Sian Gibson

Sian Gibson as Gemma in Murder, They Hope UKTV

“The last episode ended with the Draper's Tour bus exploding, so now they have to deal with the aftermath,” explains Sian Gibson.

“Gemma and Terry have lost their beloved business, and their home, so they are now starting afresh - well, they are moving in with Gemma’s sister (the amazing Sarah Hadland) and having a career change. Gemma fancies their chances at being private investigators, while Terry is just waiting for the insurance money to come through. Terry reluctantly agrees to go along with Gemma, and this is where our new series starts.”

Monica – Played by Sarah Hadland

Sarah Hadland in Murder, They Hope UKTV

“I have always wanted to work with Sarah, as I think she’s so brilliantly funny and talented,” said Sian Gibson, talking about her new co-star Sarah Hadland.

“I’ve bumped into her at auditions in the past, and in fact we have often been compared to each other. So to now be playing sisters seems like it was inevitable. Sarah was amazing fun to be with and the kindest, loveliest person. I loved being on set with her. She’s my new adopted sister.”

Vicky  - Played by Shobna Gulati

Shobna Gulati as Vicky in Murder, They Hope UKTV

The Dinnerladies and Coronation Street star joins the show as local police officer Vicky, who also happens to be Gemma’s sister-in-law.

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Episode 1: The Bunny Trap

Adrian Scarborough in The Bunny Trap episode of Muder, They Hope UKTV
Adrian Scarborough guests in episode 1

Gemma and Terry are now private investigators. Bad ones. But, as luck would have it, they have in their possession a valuable collector's piece that the murderous Bunnyman will stop at nothing to acquire. Gemma lays a trap for The Bunnyman while Terry heads up his own very low-quality investigation.

Guest stars include:

Adrian Scarborough

Janine Duvitski

Nitin Ganatra

Episode 2: Evil Under The Bun

Paul Whitehouse in Murder, They Hope UKTV
Paul Whitehouse guests in episode 2

Gemma’s sister, Monica (Sarah Hadland) is starring in an Am-Dram production of Romeo and Juliet sponsored by the town’s local bakers. Unfortunately, somebody is poisoning the baker’s products and lives are now at risk. In a race against time, it’s one of the most Shakespearean investigations Gemma and Terry have become entangled in.

Guest stars include:

Paul Whitehouse

Steve Edge

Ethan Lawrence

Jason Barnett

Episode 3: Dales of the Unexpected

Lee Mack in Murder, They Hope UKTV
Lee Mack as Willy Watkins in Murder, They Hope

The series finale sees a twisted serial killer on the loose and only Terry and Gemma’s coach tour knowledge can help police find the murderer. Will they solve the clues he leaves them and catch the psychopath before more bodies litter the Yorkshire Dales?

Guest stars include

Lee Mack

Hannah Waddingham

Jason Manford

Phil Cornwell

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