Man Down’s Greg Davies will play a demotivated small-time psychotherapist in new comedy Safe Space.

Davies has co-written the pilot for the show with Stephen Morrison, who he worked with on Channel 4 sitcom Man Down.

What is it about?

Davies plays a psychotherapist who is demotivated and heading nowhere fast. His fate changes when a new client arrives: his rising star of a local MP.

A catalogue of revelations leads to a serious breach in client confidentiality in a tale of how power and control can turn us all into idiots.

Little has been said about the rest of the plot, but Davies told Sky News that he had spoken to several psychotherapists off the record in preparation for the role. 

"We thought it'd be an interesting starting point to have a psychotherapist who isn't as together as his patients might want him to be,” Davies told the broadcaster.

"We have had some very interesting chats with psychotherapists. When they're anonymous… they're very candid about their job and about some of the people that they treat. It's a really fascinating world, I think."

When will it be out?

Safe Space was announced at an event showcasing Sky’s programmes for 2020, so perhaps we can expect it to air Sky One with NOW TV later this year, though no date has been announced yet.

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