Friday Night Dinner’s Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal take our Head to Head challenge

The stars of the Channel 4 comedy talk to BT TV about the worst lies they’ve ever told, childhood dinners and behind-the-scenes secrets from their hit sitcom.

By Alex Fletcher Published: 26 March 2020 - 9.08pm
Channel 4 Friday Night Dinner series 6 - Cast photo

Shalom! Friday Night Dinner is returning to Channel 4 for its most chaotic, frenetic and funniest series yet.

Martin has got a new caravan and an obsession – a plastic bag stuck in the tree outside their house.

Adam and Simon have got new girlfriends – but they daren’t tell mum.

And Jackie is fuming with Adam because he didn’t mention her once in an interview with a local magazine.

Most importantly of all, Jim has replaced Wilson – but you’ll have to wait for Friday, March 27 to find out how he’s filled the gap left by his canine friend.

Ahead of series 6, BT TV caught up with Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal and put them Head to Head to tackle some unusual questions…

Watch Friday Night Dinner series 6 on Channel 4 from March 27 at 10pm.

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