Brassic season 4: Who are the cast and characters of the Sky Max comedy?

With Brassic back on our screens for a fourth season, it’s high time we reminded ourselves of who’s in the gang and where you might have seen the cast members before…

By Adam Pochin Published: 14 September 2022 - 9.01am
The cast of Brassic
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Grand theft auto, burglary, prize cows, bare-knuckle fights, faked deaths, accidental kidnapping, beheadings, pet pigeons and that’s just seasons 1 to 3. Brassic, the Sky Max comedy that has it all and then some, is back.

So here’s a recap of your favourite Brassic characters, who's in the cast and where you might have seen them before.

Brassic main cast:

  • Joseph Gilgun plays Vinnie
  • Michelle Keegan plays Erin
  • Damien Molony plays Dylan
  • Tom Hanson plays Cardi
  • Ryan Sampson plays Tommo
  • Parth Thakerar plays JJ
  • Aaron Heffernan plays  Ash
  • Bronagh Gallagher plays Carol
  • Joanna Higson plays Sugar
  • Dominic West plays Dr Chris Cox

Joe Gilgun plays Vinnie  

Joe Gilgun as Vinnie

Vinnie is the show’s main character and leader of the Brassic gang. As well as having the weight of the group on his shoulders, he has his own problems too. The character has bipolar disorder, as does the actor - the show is loosely set on his own life growing up in Lancashire.

Vinnie’s quite unlucky in love, but the discovery that he has a son has given him a new lease of life, and we can’t wait to see what series 4 holds for him.

Where have you seen Joe Gilgun before?

You can also find Joe Gilgun in the popular E4 show Misfits where again he is part of another bunch of tearaways. He plays fan favourite Woody in the cult hit This Is England as well as featuring as Cassidy in the hit show Preacher.

Michelle Keegan plays Erin

Michelle Keegan as Erin

The show’s leading lady Erin is a fiery and ambitious character. She’s determined to be successful as an entrepreneur after not having the best childhood, and despite the fact she balances her business ventures with being a single mum to Vinnie’s son Tyler.

Erin seems torn between trying to be an independent woman yet needing companionship, so she can either be found at the centre of love triangles, close to someone or going it alone.

Where have you seen Michelle Keegan before?

Best known for pouring pints in the Rovers Return as Tina McIntyre in Coronation Street. Michelle Keegan went on to star in British drama Ordinary Lies before taking on her other main role as Corporal Georgie Lane in BBC One's military drama Our Girl.

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Damien Molony plays Dylan

Damien Molony as Dylan

Dylan is Vinnie’s best mate – in fact he’s more like a brother to him – and is the brains of this bunch of misfits. He’s Erin’s ex-boyfriend but unlike Erin, Dylan lacks ambition and effort and turned down a university offer.

But despite his waste of potential, he’s a nice guy, and what he lacks in decision-making skills he makes up for in loyalty, and uses his knowledge to help get the group out of some sticky situations.

Where have you seen Damien Molony before?

You can find Damien Molony in BBC Three’s Being Human where he plays a struggling alcoholic. He also stars in Victorian drama Ripper Street as DC Albert Flight, while his other leading roles include E4’s GameFace and BBC One’s The Split

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Tom Hanson plays Cardi

Tom Hanson as Cardi

Cardi could never be described as the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s certainly got a heart of gold. Although his nickname, Cardi, is short for ‘cardiac arrest’ due to his unhealthy diet choices, his main duties for the gang are as the runner, fetching and dropping things off for the others.

Even though this is about all he can be trusted with, he still finds a way to muck those responsibilities up too. He’s also now settled down in love with his traveller wife Carol, despite her seedy past that used to haunt him.

Where have you seen Tom Hanson before?

You can catch Tom Hanson in other popular shows such as The Outlaws on BBC One in which he plays office jerk Spencer. He also had a small role as Blake Jenkins in the hit thriller series The Tunnel which you can watch on NOW.

Ryan Sampson plays Tommo

Ryan Sampson as Tommo

They say don’t mix business with pleasure, but no-one told Tommo. The miniature maverick continues to work and play in the adult industry with little regard for his reputation along the way.

A fan favourite for his fruity one-liners and no filter approach, Tommo is an invaluable member of the group for his out-of-the-box problem solving.

Where have you seen Ryan Sampson before?

If you’re a fan of Tommo then you’ll also find Ryan Sampson in the one-off series of Waiting on ITV and as Grumio the lazy slave in ITV2's Roman sitcom Plebs.

Parth Thakerar plays JJ

Parth Thakerar as JJ

JJ is the fixer of the group. With his technical and mechanical expertise, he plays a vital role in making sure the motley crew have the kit and equipment they need to pull off jobs and small-time heists.

He’s also started to develop a relationship with other gang member Sugar, which is helping show the sweeter side to the typically pent-up grease monkey.

Where have you seen Parth Thakerar before?

Parth Thakerar usually takes on less comic roles than JJ, such as that of a politician in Gangs of London which you can watch on NOW, and an MI5 officer in BBC One submarine thriller Vigil.

Aaron Heffernan plays Ash

Aaron Heffernan as Ash

The group’s representative from the traveller community, Big Friendly Giant Ash brings a balance to Brassic’s bunch of misfits.

Often perceived as the gang’s muscle, there’s more to Ash than just his powerful physique, and his character arc touches on him questioning his sexuality, being estranged from his father and his life as a traveller.

Where have you seen Aaron Heffernan before?

Aside from Brassic, Aaron Heffernan’s other small screen appearances include BBC One adaptation War of the Worlds and the Irish crime series Love/Hate, which you can find on BritBox. 

Joanna Higson plays Sugar

Joanna Higson as Sugar

Sugar, one of the other girls in the gang, often gives Erin a shoulder to cry on. Outside of being an upstanding friend and agony aunt of the group, Sugar has struck up a romantic relationship with JJ now that she has escaped the grasp of working at the strip club.

Where have you seen Joanna Higson before?

You can catch up with Joanna Higson in other shows including cult favourite Shameless on All4 where she plays Maxine. 

Dominic West plays Dr Chris Cox

Dominic West as Dr Chris Cox

Although Dr Chris Cox isn’t part of the gang, he’s still a firm fan favourite of the show. Dominic West brings star quality to the series and is brilliant as the local dirty doctor.

Dr Chris has developed a close bond with Vinnie despite the fact he barely listens to any of his patient’s issues and is more likely to unload his own problems onto Vinnie instead.

Where have you seen Dominic West before?

Dominic West has appeared in many TV shows and films in recent years. He played the lead character Noah Solloway in hit drama series The Affair on NOW and Jean Valjean in the BBC’s 2019 adaptation of Les Misérables. He’s best known, however, for playing Detective Jimmy McNulty in the award-winning US TV series The Wire.

West is also about to appear in a highly anticipated BBC One series SAS: Rogue Heroes and take on the role of Prince Charles in season 4 of Netflix’s royal drama The Crown.

Supporting stars...

Ramon Tikaram, Bronagh Gallagher and Steve Evets in Brassic

Although they might not be main characters, other familiar faces also contribute to what we all love about Brassic, including (left to right, above) the psychotic and sinister Terence McCann (Ramon Tikaram - This LIfe), brash yet sweet traveller Carol (Bronagh Gallagher - The Commitments), and finally foul-mouthed farmer Jim (Steve Evets - Looking for Eric).

Stream Brassic season 4 now n Sky Max with NOW. Seasons 1-3 are available now.