As a brilliant comedy actor, Jane Horrocks needs no introduction – and when you pair her with Samson Kayo of Famalam and Timewasters fame, you’re in for a treat.

With an all-star cast and sharp writing, here’s everything you need to know about Bloods – the ambulance comedy about two mismatched paramedics on Sky Comedy and NOW.

What's the release date of Bloods season 2?

Bloods season 2 returns with five new episodes on Thursday 1 September, streaming on Sky Comedy and NOW.

Season 2 consists of 10 episodes, which are split into two parts of five episodes.

You can watch Sky Comedy with a NOW Entertainment Membership.

What's the Bloods season 2 plot?

Bloods is a six-part comedy about paramedic partners Wendy and Maleek. It’s an unlikely pairing – Maleek is a tough-acting loner while Wendy is an over-friendly divorcee – but soon enough they give each other life support.

It’s from the producers of People Just Do Nothing and Stath Lets Flats, so you know the show is in good hands.

Season 2 sees Wendy and Maleek find new sources of conflict when they are involved in a malpractice investigation - plus Wendy’s deeply irritating son starts work at the depot.

Best friends Darryl and Darrell (Kevin Garry and Sam Campbell) are faced with the prospect that their bromance might be at an end.

Kareshma (Aasiya Shah) has started to mellow under Gary’s (Adrian Scarborough) watchful eye but will her investment in teenage cancer patient Tasha create new complications for the duo?

Meanwhile, team leader Jo (Lucy Punch) continues to carry a flame for widower Lawrence (Julian Barratt), and faces a new challenge to her authority in the form of counsellor George.

In the all new episodes, Wendy and Maleek’s friendship is blown apart when she accuses him of drinking on the job, Jo and Lawrence finally confront their complicated ‘situation’, (with hilarious results), and Gary and Kareshma go on quite the emotional rollercoaster.

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Who are the cast and characters in Bloods season 2?

Maleek - played by Samson Kayo

Samson Kayo plays Maleek in Bloods

Maleek is a ‘road man’ turned paramedic. He likes to act with a lot of swagger but isn’t very convincing.

Speaking ahead of series 2, Samson Kayo says of his character: "Maleek is a maverick paramedic who's adopted this sort of renegade approach to dealing with 999 calls. He likes to do things by himself but doesn’t realise that he genuinely needs help. He’s quite stubborn. He’s quite soft at heart but he has a tough exterior."

Alongside Nathan Byron, Samson Kayo created Bloods and you’ll recognise him from other comedy hits like Famalam and Timewasters.

Wendy – played by Jane Horrocks

Jane Horrocks plays Wendy in Bloods

In season 1, Wendy was newly separated from her husband and moved down to London from Nottingham to make a fresh start.

"I absolutely loved playing Wendy [in season 1]," recalls Jane Horrocks. "She's such a positive force and always sees the best in everybody. She does know her stuff as well, she’s a very good paramedic so it was just nice to play somebody so upbeat who doesn’t get down by what the world throws at her."

Jane Horrocks is a well-loved actor, with credits such as Absolutely Fabulous, Little Voice and Trollied.

Bloods: Jane Horrocks interview - 7 Questions

Bloods Jane Horrocks

In our 7 Questions interview, Absolutely Fabulous acting legend Jane Horrocks talks working with Samson Kayo on season 2 of ambulance comedy Bloods.

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Jo – played by Lucy Punch

Lucy Punch plays Jo in Bloods

Jo oversees the paramedic team. She’s boisterous and has an army background – and has a particular liking for Lawrence (Julian Barratt, below).

Lucy Punch says of her character: "Jo is extremely competent and capable. She is ex-military and she’s very much in charge. She’s quite a fun character to play because I quite admire people like this, who are on top of everything, gungho and fearless."

So where do we find Jo - and her unrequited affection for Lawrence - at the start of season 2? "Lawrence has moved on but not with me and I’m furiously jealous and trying to sabotage everything. And then I make a move… a serious move and I’m rebuffed."

You’ll recognise Lucy Punch from comedy movies like Bad Teacher and Hot Fuzz, as well as the sitcom Motherland.

Lawrence – played by Julian Barratt

Julian Barrett plays Lawrence in Bloods

Season 1 saw Lawrence still grieving the loss of his wife, who died 10 years prior. He struggles to let happiness back into his life.

"He’s a first responder so he’s got certain skills and slightly removed from reality a bit, maybe because of what he’s seen and because of what happened to him in his personal life," says Julian Barratt about his character. "So, he’s slightly one step behind reality and he’s often almost talking to himself.  He likes to just empty his mind of lots of things while someone is listening to him, but he doesn’t sometimes engage."

Julian Barratt starred opposite Noel Fielding in The Mighty Boosh. His other credits include Flowers and Nathan Barley.

Gary – played by Adrian Scarborough

Adrian Scarborough plays Gary in Bloods

Gary is the station’s longest-serving paramedic.

Adrian Scarborough is perhaps best known to comedy fans for his role as Pete Sutcliffe in Gavin & Stacey, but he also has big film credits in the likes of The Madness of King George and The King’s Speech.

Kareshma – played by Aasiya Shah

Aasiya Shah plays Kareshma in Bloods

Kareshma is a driven trainee paramedic who firmly has her eye on Jo’s role as boss of the team.

Aasiya Shah has previously been seen in Unforgotten, and she also has a role in BritBox drama The Beast Must Die.

Darryl and Darrell – played by Kevin 'KG' Garry and Sam Campbell

Kevin Garry plays Darryl in Bloods

Darryl (above left) and Darrell (right) work, live and play together – including taking part in karaoke nights and going on trips to Europe.

"We found each other on our first shift and we were like soul mates that didn’t know they were soul mates," explains Kevin 'KG' Garry of their characters' friendship. "Sometimes we’re in unison, and we’re just fiercely serious about our friendship.

"We are the beacon of friendship, I’d say. We’re well known for doing our jobs, anytime there’s a problem we show up first. I think some people are jealous of us but we’re so into what we are that we don’t realise the jealousy."

Kevin 'KG' Garry has previously been in Famalam, Timewasters and Ted Lasso. Sam Campbell is an Australian comedian and also had a role in Stath Lets Flats. 

George - played by Katherine Kelly (new for season 2)

Katherine Kelly in Bloods

Katherine Kelly joins the cast for season 2 as the ambulance station’s acting counsellor and listening ear, George.

Asked about what her character brings to the paramedic team, Katherine Kelly responds: "She brings Jo (Lucy Punch) a challenge! She upset the status quo in the depo and is a real obstacle for Jo.

"With the rest of the paramedics, she encourages them to open up and talk. Her intention is to help, but a lot of the time I think the process is so alien to the paramedics, she just causes confusion."

Katherine Kelly found fame playing Becky McDonald in Coronation Street and is known for roles in TV shows including Innocent, Liar, Cheat and Criminal.

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Spencer - played by Nathan Foad (new for season 2)

Bloods Sky Comedy Nathan Foad Spencer

Series 2 welcomes a new source of conflict for Wendy and Maleek in the form of Wendy’s deeply irritating son, Spencer, played by Nathan Foad, above.

Nathan Foad is an actor and writer who's created the new sitcom Newark, Newark. He's also starred in Our Flag Means Death on HBO Max alongside Taika Waititi (The Mandalorian).


In a special cameo guest appearance, former Doctor Who actor Peter Davison is set to return to our screens in the newest instalment of the Sky Original comedy. Donning the ‘doctor’ title once more, Davison makes a cameo appearance as a retired surgeon who comes to the aid of Bloods’ dysfunctional duo Maleek (Kayo) and Wendy (Horrocks).

Bloods season 2 trailer

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Stream all new episodes of Bloods on Sky Comedy with NOW from Thursday 1 September. Previous Bloods episodes are streaming now.