Netflix’s revenge drama Beef has been one of our favourite TV shows of 2023 (and recent memory). Steven Yeun and Ali Wong won our hearts as the self-destructive, feuding strangers Danny and Amy.

Across 10 episodes, Beef tells the story of how a road rage incident sends Danny and Amy into a spiralling and explosive rivalry, which takes them down dark paths that threaten everything they hold dear in their lives.

The mix of dark comedy (Jordan and the door – OMG), existentialism and instant classic performances from Yeun and Wong, made Beef a feast they we couldn’t help ourselves from binging.

As the show reached its final twist for Danny and Amy and the Smashing Pumpkins track 'Mayonaise' played out, we presumed that the series had reached its natural endpoint and the two strangers' ‘beef’ was over.

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However, according to the show’s creator Lee Sung Jin, there may be another chapter to come…

Here is everything we know about a possible Beef season 2.

*Warning Beef season 1 spoilers ahead*

Beef season 1 ending explained

After spending the majority of season 1 provoking, pranking and intensely feuding, Amy and Danny were forced to work together in the final episode of Beef season 1, 'Figures of Light'.

After Amy and Danny’s respective families learned shocking truths about their behaviour, the pair had one final car battle on the road and crashed their vehicles into the LA hills.

Battered, bruised and badly injured, the duo had to help each other in order to survive in the wild. Without food (except one bag of Skittles), water and phone reception, and still emotionally fraught, things get even worse for the pair when they munched on some wild berries that gave them extreme vomiting and hallucinations.

Ali Wong as Amy and Joseph Lee as George in Beef season 1 Netflix

In their lowest and most desperate moment, the duo suddenly begin to share their innermost feelings, fears and regrets, giving them a shared bond.

After they both survive their bout of illness, the pair stumble and help each other up to the roadside and find their way back to civilisation.

However, before they can find help, the pair are met  in a tunnel by Amy’s husband George, who shoots Danny.

In the closing sequence, Amy sits by Danny’s bedside in hospital and then ends up curling up next to him in his hospital bed. Danny is wired up to various machines in hospital, but in the last second, we see his hand flicker, which suggests he might have survived.

Will there be a Beef season 2?

Ali Wong at the Netflix red carpet premiere of Beef Netflix/Getty

Although the story of Amy and Danny has been wrapped up in season 1, Beef creator Lee Sung Jin (Tuca & Bertie) said he does have some possible storylines for two more seasons.

Talking to Rolling Stone about the ending, Lee said: “I wanted it to have a conclusive feel just in case [it didn’t get a season 2].”

“But there are a lot of ideas on my end to keep this story going. I think should we be blessed with a season 2, there's a lot of ways for Danny and Amy to continue.

“I have one really big general idea that I can’t really say yet, but I have three seasons mapped out in my head currently.”

Lee told Elle that the original pitch for the series was for it to be a "limited anthology", but added that he would like to explore Danny and Amy further and use other seasons to look at "multiple other beefs and other character types".

What might happen in Beef season 2?

Steven Yeun in Beef season 1 Netflix

The fact that both characters look like they might have survived their ordeal in the LA woods means it's possible Steven Yeun and Ali Wong could return in a second season.

Danny and Amy might have reconciled in the finale, but their 'beef' left a trail of destruction and season 2 could find the duo fighting with their respective family members who have been dragged into the feud.

Young Mazino, who plays Danny’s brother Paul, has suggested that season 2 could feature the brothers in a Cain and Abel-style 'blood fued'.

"I think if he finds out or somehow Amy and Danny are together, that would be the ultimate like, 'first you rob my future and then you take the girl that I care about'," Mazino told The Wrap.

“I think he genuinely did have feelings for Amy - I think he imagined him and Amy will be some power couple strutting down like that - but then if he sees that Danny is a source of destroying everything that he could have had, there might be some extra beef there.”

Another possibility is that the show returns with a different cast in the style of hit anthology series The White Lotus and American Horror Story.

Beef cast

  • Steven Yeun - Plays Danny
  • Ali Wong - Plays Amy
  • Joseph Lee - Plays George
  • Young Mazino - Plays Paul
  • David Choe - Plays Isaac
  • Patti Yasutake - Plays Fumi
  • Maria Bello - Plays Jordan Forster
  • Ashley Park - Plays Naomi
  • Justin H. Min - Plays Edwin
  • Mia Serafino - Plays Mia
  • Remy Holt - Plays June
  • Andrew Santino - Plays Michael
  • Rek Lee - Plays Bobby
Ali Wong in Beef season 1 Netflix

When will Beef 2 be released?

If there is a Beef season 2, we could be waiting a very long time for it to arrive on Netflix.

Creator Lee Sung Jin is currently working on rewriting Marvel movie Thunderbolts, which will star Steven Yeun as Sentry and also features Beef director Jake Scheier behind the camera.

That rules out any chance of a quick turnaround for Beef season 2. But we’re still keeping our fingers crossed that Lee will return to cook us up some more Beef in the future.

Watch Beef season 1 now on Netflix.

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