BT and EE Special Discount for new BT and EE households

1.    The Offer

1.1.  Eligible Customers (defined in section 2 below) can link their BT account to a selected pay monthly EE mobile number registered at the same address as their BT service to claim 10% off the monthly price of the registered EE plan. 

2.    Eligible Customers

2.1.  The Offer is available to:

2.1.1.    selected BT Broadband customers joining EE as a new customer on a pay monthly handset or 12 months plus SIM only phone plan after 01/12/2020; and

2.1.2.    selected EE customers on a pay monthly handset or 12 months plus SIM only plan joining BT broadband as a new customer after 01/12/2020.

(“Eligible Customers”). 

2.2 The BT and EE accounts can be held by different members of the household but must be registered to the same address.

3.    Exclusions

3.1.  The Offer is subject to a successful credit check.

3.2.  You are not entitled to take the offer if either account holder has an outstanding overdue balance with BT or EE.  You will also cease to be entitled to the discount, and the discount will automatically be removed, if either account holder falls into collections at any time.

3.3.  The Offer does not apply to customers who already have BT broadband and PAYM EE mobile before 01/12/2020.

3.4.  The Offer does not apply to Pay as You Go plans or PAYM plans where the minimum term is less than 12 months.

3.5.  The Offer applies to BT and EE Consumer plans only. It excludes business plans.

3.6.  The Offer is for phone plans only.  It excludes tablets and wearables.

3.7.  There is only one discount available per household. 

3.8.  An eligible mobile number can only be linked to one BT account.

3.9.  The Offer is not to be used in conjunction with other offers unless expressly stated by BT or EE. 

4.    BT account holder allocates the discount

4.1.  The BT and EE accounts can be in different names but must always be registered to the same address.

4.2.  The BT broadband account holder allocates the discount.

4.3.  If you’re not the named BT account holder but live in the same household and wish to purchase an eligible EE mobile plan, you should speak to them before purchase to ask whether they want to pass the discount to you. This is very important as you will only be entitled to the discount if they agree to link your mobile number to the BT account and complete the linking process.

5.    Redeeming the Offer: 

5.1.  The BT broadband account holder must link accounts after activation of the new broadband or mobile service to claim the discount for the selected EE mobile.  The discount will not be applied automatically by EE.

5.2.  You should redeem the offer as soon as possible. The discount will not be applied retrospectively if you delay.  

5.3.  We will send an email to the BT or EE account holder after we have completed your new BT broadband or eligible EE mobile order.  The email will contain a link together with instructions on how to link your BT account to your EE number.  

5.4.  The BT account holder must link via their MyBT account. To do this you’ll need an active BT ID.  If you do not have one, as a BT account holder, you can set one up.

5.5.  Once we’ve checked the EE mobile number is eligible, we’ll send a PIN to the mobile number so you can finish linking.  The BT and EE customers therefore both need to be present to complete the linking process.

5.6.  Once we’ve validated that both accounts are eligible, we will email the BT account holder to confirm that linking has been successful and that the accounts are now linked.  We’ll also send a SMS to the linked EE mobile.  Once, applied, the discount will show on the EE account holder’s next month’s EE bill.

6.    How long will the discount last?

6.1.  To keep the discount, both plans need to continue at the same address.

6.2.  The discount will be removed automatically from the EE plan and the EE customer’s future bills will therefore go up if:

6.2.1.    you or we cancel your BT broadband service;

6.2.2.    you or we cancel your EE mobile plan;

6.2.3.    the BT account holder requests that we de-link the EE mobile number from the BT account;

6.2.4.    the accounts cease to be registered at the same address; or

6.2.5.     either the BT or EE account has an outstanding overdue balance.

7.    Other terms

7.1.  This Offer is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative.  

8.    Using your information

8.1.  Personal data, such as contract cancellation notifications, may be shared between the linked BT and EE accounts.

8.2.  For further information around data processing see our EE Privacy Policy or BT Privacy Policy.