We're changing some of our prices from 20 September 2015

Line rental will go up by £1 per month. We've also made changes to some of our other prices and terms. Changes to our phone and TV prices are shown below. To check changes to your broadband package, click here (you'll need your account number and telephone number to log in).

Standard Pricing†

  • Daytime calls to UK landlines and the access charge for calls to service numbers will go from 9.53p to 10.19p a minute.
  • Evening calls are going from 1.25p to 1.33p a minute.
  • Calls to mobiles from your landline are going up from 12p to 12.83p a minute (daytime) and from 5.6p to 5.98p a minute (evening).
  • The set-up fee for calls will go from 15.71p to 16.8p per call.

† Inclusive calls of up to an hour on calling plans will not be affected

Changes to our line rental and calling plans

Calling Features

If you take one calling feature, it'll now cost £3.95 a month (packs of two to four features will be £7.95 a month and five or more will be £10.60 a month). Anonymous Call Reject will go to £5.40 a month. Choose to Refuse will go to £4.43 a month. And BT Answer 1571 will go to £1.97 a month. We've also changed some of our Pay-Per-Use calling features.

Click here for changes to our Pay-Per-Use calling features

Reduce the cost of your bill by going paper-free

If you currently get a paper bill, the cost of paper billing will go from £1.59 to £1.70 but you can avoid paying this charge by switching to paper-free e-billing. Find out how to switch to paper-free e-billing here.


We've changed some of our BT TV prices.

Click here for changes to BT TV prices

Keeping you informed

From 1 July 2015, the cost of calls to service numbers from a landline or a mobile is made up of two parts: The Access Charge: Is 9.53p per minute (changing to 10.19p per minute on 20 September 2015) from a BT landline and 30p per minute from a BT mobile. The Service Charge: This is set by the organisation or service you’re calling. You should see the price wherever the number is advertised. Calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers will continue to be inclusive from your BT landline, depending on which calling plan you’re on. Fair Usage Policy applies.*

Changes to terms

Early Termination Charges: These charges apply only if you cancel during the minimum term of your contract and are payable for each month of the minimum term outstanding on your contract. If you cancel after the minimum term ends, then no Early Termination Charge is payable. We're increasing some of our Early Termination Charges from 20 September 2015. For more details please visit bt.com/earlytermination.

Cease Charge: In some circumstances when you end your broadband service you may have to pay a cease charge. This will also be changing from 20 September 2015. For details please visit bt.com/ceasecharge.

Information about Broadband Usage Policy: From 1 October 2015, for customers on capped usage products, usage charges will be changing to £1.50 for every gigabyte (GB), or part of, if you go over your allowance. To monitor your monthly usage, please go to bt.com/broadbandusagemonitor. We have also updated the policy to clarify when we will exercise our right to upgrade you when you exceed your usage cap. To find out go to bt.com/broadbandusagepolicy.

TV: We've changed our terms. Sometimes we may switch you to an equivalent subscription pack of channels and tell you beforehand. But if the new one costs more, and you don't want to pay the extra, we'll let you end your TV contract with no fee for leaving early. And occasionally we may withdraw channels and tell you straight afterward. But if we think losing a channel will mean you end up paying more for less, we'll let you end your TV contract with no fee for leaving early.

You can find out more by visiting bt.com/ukcalling.

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