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Terms & Conditions

The Offer & Eligibility

  1. The BT Sport App Match Pass scheme has been established to enable season ticket holders for sports we broadcast to watch games they can’t attend in person due to COVID-19 restrictions.  This is done by offering match passes which enable time limited access to the BT Sport App for a specific match (a “Match Pass”).
  2. We have agreed specific Match Pass terms with each sport and/or club, and those terms may vary between sports/clubs and depending on the relevant competition etc. The specific terms of access for each match will have been communicated to you when you were sent an email by your club inviting you to register for a Match Pass (the “Specific Match Terms”). These Standard Match Pass Terms apply to all Match Passes and are in addition to the Specific Match Terms. If there is any conflict between the Specific Match Terms and these Standard Match Pass Terms, the Specific Match Terms will apply.
  3. Each Match Pass gives a Season Ticket Holder who is eligible in accordance with the Specific Match Terms (each a “STH”) access to watch a specific match on the BT Sport App (the “App”).
  4. Match Passes are offered on a match by match basis, are only available to STH of the home team and can only be used to watch home matches broadcast on the App.
  5. Match Passes only entitle you to watch the specific home match offered to you by your club. The Match Pass is limited to one per eligible STH, and one per household per match. It’s not transferrable.
  6. It is at each individual club’s discretion, which eligible STH they offer a Match Pass to, it is not determined by BT. Each club will publish Match Pass eligibility criteria on their website, unless otherwise agreed with BT.  If eligible, the clubs will email STH with details of how to register for a Match Pass.
  7. You must be an individual aged 18 or over, with a registered UK address, (as held by your club), who has purchased a season ticket/similar package from your club, allowing you to attend all of your club’s home matches.  
  8. Existing BT Sport customers are encouraged not to apply for a Match Pass. These customers can watch matches using their existing BT Sport subscription.
  9. If you successfully register your Match Pass you will have restricted access to the App for the purpose of watching the relevant match.  While your Match Pass is active you will have access to all content currently showing on the BT Sport App, not just your home match. You will need to select your home game from the App to watch it. Your Match Pass will expire shortly after your team’s home match is aired. After the match has aired, your Match Pass is no longer valid.
  10. There is no cash alternative to a Match Pass and it cannot be sold, gifted, exchanged or transferred to any other person. The Match Pass is valid as long as you remain eligible, or until you use the Match Pass or BT, the club or the relevant sports organisation terminates, withdraws or replaces the Match Pass. BT reserves the right to change, replace, terminate or withdraw the Match Pass at any time.
  11. If you have not been offered a Match Pass to a particular match (for example because you are not eligible or it is not a match for which Match Passes are being offered), but you wish to watch the match, you will need to sign up to our standard customer terms, paying the standard rate for services.
  12. If you choose not to use the Match Pass for whatever reason, or if we have to withdraw your access to it because you’ve failed to comply with any terms and conditions applicable to your use, you’ll forfeit the opportunity to use the Match Pass.
  13. BT will only handle complaints about Match Passes from STH insofar as they relate to downloading the App and accessing the Match Pass.

How the Match Pass works

  1. All participating clubs will contact selected STH by email with an invitation for them to apply for a Match Pass for a specific match. The email will contain a code called a BT Sport Match Pass ID.
  2. To register for your Match Pass, simply visit, select the match (this must be the specific home fixture to which the Match Pass ID relates), and then enter your details. You must enter a valid email address and enter the Match Pass ID exactly as it appears on the email that you received from your club.
  3. If your registration is successful, you will receive an initial email confirming the details of the match that you have registered to watch.
  4. On the day of your selected match, you will receive an email containing your BT Sport App username and password. You should receive this email no less than two hours prior to kick-off. You can log in to the App on any platform or watch on using your username and password. While your Match Pass is active you will have access to all content currently showing on the BT Sport App, not just your home match. You will need to select your home match from the App to watch it.
  5. Your Match Pass will expire shortly after the end of your team’s match. If your team appears on BT Sport again later on in the season, you may get an email from your club offering you another Match Pass. If this happens, you will need to apply for a Match Pass again, using the same process as before.
  6. You must have a TV Licence to watch BT Sport on the App or on
  7. You can access the App and online player on as many supported devices as you like, but you can only watch two video streams at the same time. You should download the App a few days in advance of the match you choose to watch.
  8. The Match Pass allows you to watch through the App on iOS, Android, Windows 10, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox One, Apple TV, Sony PlayStation 4 and Now TV boxes. You can also watch online at
  9. Your device must meet the following requirements in order to run the App:
    • Apple devices running iOS 9 or later;
    • Android devices running OS 4.4 (Jelly Bean) or later; or
    • Windows smartphones and tablets running Windows 10
    • Apple TV fourth generation onwards
    • Samsung Smart TV models from 2015 onwards
    • Xbox One, One S and One X
    • PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro
    • Now TV boxes (4K box, Smart box, Stick and Legacy black box).
  10. The Match Pass is for personal and non-commercial use only.
  11. You are prohibited from:
    • authorising your log in details and/or password to be used by any third party/parties; and
    • using the service in any country outside of the UK other than in a country within the EEA when you are temporarily present (within the meaning of the Portability Regulation) in that country.
  12. We will process your personal data in accordance with our terms and conditions for using this service and BT’s privacy policy, details of which can be found here
  13. If you use mobile data when using the Match Pass, data charges from your mobile provider may apply.
  14. By agreeing to the Match Pass Standard Terms you are also agreeing to the BT Sport general Terms and Conditions, listed here.