Spurs striker Kane sets sights on silverware

The England captain has made winning a trophy with Tottenham a priority.

By Press Association Published: 29 August 2019 - 7.31pm

Harry Kane says it is time for Tottenham’s success to be measured by trophies and has made winning silverware a priority this season.

Spurs have risen to the top of the English game under boss Mauricio Pochettino, but have not got any trophies to show for it, despite coming close.

They got to the Champions League final last year and have regularly gone deep into the domestic cup competitions, but have always fallen short.

Pochettino said this season will only be successful if they can lift some silverware, a sentiment that is echoed by his star striker.

“The most important thing is to try and win a trophy,” the England captain told the PA news agency. “We spoke about it a lot, we know how difficult it is.

“But I think we’ve proved in the last five years that we have a good enough squad. We just need to get the job done out on the pitch.

“We’ll do everything we can to win something and I think it would give everyone at the club a big boost.

Harry Kane reminisced about playing with freedom as a youngster (PA)

“Year-by-year we have progressed, but we still haven’t really got anything to show for it.

“I think we’ve earned the respect of teams and fans around Europe, but we haven’t had that success of winning a trophy.

“The players and the manager want to do that. We’ve been a success as how we’ve progressed as a club but we’re at the stage now where trophies and titles are the most important thing.

“It’s only us players on the pitch who can perform and make that happen.

“Tottenham and myself have come a long way in the last five years or so. We’re winners, I’m a winner, and I want to win in those big moments. Thinking about how we can improve and do that.”

Harry Kane's Premier League goals

  • 2014–15 - 21
  • 2015-16 - 25
  • 2016-17 - 29
  • 2017-18 - 30
  • 2018-19 - 17

If Spurs are to lift a trophy this season then Kane’s goals are going to be vital and the 26-year-old is used to performing when it matters for both club and country.

Such has been his success over the last few years that if Kane goes more than a couple of games without finding the net, he comes under extreme scrutiny.

Kane uses that as motivation to prove people wrong

Harry Kane has scored 127 goals in 184 Premier League appearances for Tottenham
Harry Kane has scored 127 goals in 184 Premier League appearances for Tottenham (John Walton/PA)

“I think it motivates me, especially when the level I’m at now people will be talking if I don’t score in a couple of games,” he added.

“I guess I’ve always had that motivation to prove people wrong. I still have that now and I want to prove myself wrong as well.

“I know if I go five, six, seven games scoring in a row then I might go, say, three or four without scoring, so I know that I can have high standards.

“The most important thing is to try and win a trophy. We spoke about it a lot, we know how difficult it is.”
- Harry Kane

“For me, it’s all about improving myself. I know what I’m capable of, so I’m my first critic if things are not going well or I’m not playing well. Block everything out and doing what motivates me.”

Performing under such a microscope is a far cry from playing on the fields of Walthamstow as a youngster when football was all about freedom.

“It’s very important for young children – boys and girls – to have activity at a young age, physical and mental and just having fun with it,” Kane added.

“I remember when I was a young boy playing football with my mates, just having fun and really enjoying it.

Harry Kane
Harry Kane has been a prolific scorer for club and country (Mike Egerton/PA)

“It wasn’t until later in my life that football became more serious and took it more as a profession.

“The most important thing is that these kids are out having fun, socialising, making new friends and having a good time. I always felt free when I was young playing over in the park.

“There was never a pressure to perform or to improve too much. It was just about learning the game and being free, and when I watched the game on TV I tried to copy the best players.”

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