Rick Parry working on ‘Project Big Picture’ which would overhaul English game

Move would bring about a raft of changes.

By Press Association Published: 11 October 2020 - 1.06pm

EFL chairman Rick Parry believes a radical overhaul of the Premier League is the best way to safeguard the future of clubs below the top flight.

Among the controversial proposals outlined in the plans, called Project Big Picture, are a reduction in the Premier League to 18 teams, greater power given to the so-called ‘big six’ and the abolition of the League Cup and Community Shield.

In return, 25 per cent of the Premier League’s annual income would go to EFL clubs.

proposed changes would be for the good of the English game
Rick Parry says proposed changes would be for the good of the English game (PA)

It is a plan which, the PA news agency understands, has already got champions Liverpool and Manchester United engaged, with their main rivals likely to follow.

“It is definitely going to be challenging and it is an enormous change so that won’t be without some pain,” Parry told the Telegraph.

“Do I genuinely think it’s for the greater good of the game as a whole? Absolutely.

“And if the (big) six are deriving some benefit then why shouldn’t they. Why wouldn’t they put their names to this otherwise?”