As part of the Life In Lockdown series lifting the lid on how Premier League stars are spending their time during lockdown, BT Sport jumped on a video call with Bournemouth winger Arnaut Danjuma to discuss how he is finding time in isolation. 

Danjuma was in action as Bournemouth resumed their campaign with defeat Crystal Palace but he and his Cherries team-mates have the chance to get back on track when they travel to Wolves on Wednesday in a match broadcast exclusively live on BT Sport.

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How have you been getting your football fix? Have you been playing FIFA like the rest of the country?

"No, to be honest, I am just playing Call of Duty at the moment – so I've been practicing a very different kind of shooting!

"I mainly play with Nathan Ake but I also play with my old friends from Holland."

What about TV? Any shows you can recommend?

"I don’t usually like to watch a lot of telelvision.

"If I watch anything it tends to be football videos on YouTube.

"I’ve just watched a documentary on Ousmane Dembele, which I really enjoyed.

"Now I’m watching a documentary on Michael Jordan called The Last Dance which is really interesting as well."

With so much time to kill, have you been able to learn any new hobbies?

"Reading, definitely.

"I used to read occasionally but now with all the spare time we have I am really reading a lot.

"I’m almost through the autobiography of Mike Tyson and I’ve just ordered Muhammad Ali’s book to read next, so I’ve been busy!"

What have you missed most about the outside world?

"To be honest it’s just connections with other people, I think.

"Being able to walk around the city with lots of people, being able to grab something to drink or eat. It’s those aspects of normal life that we used to take for granted that I miss now."

Where's the first place you’ll visit when lockdown is lifted?

"I think I’ll go to the nearest restaurant and eat as much as I can [laughs].

"At the moment I’ve been cooking at home but I’m not the best chef so I’m looking forward to a proper meal."

Tell us about your cooking? Have you added any new dishes to your repertoire?

"My mother is here at the moment so that’s a relief, she’s helping with the cooking a lot.

"I’ve lived on my own for two years now so I can make simple stuff but it’s only standard dishes like pasta or rice with chicken.

"The food my mum cooks is very different, you can try and copy it but it never tastes the same!"

The young Portuguese star had become a first team regular in the weeks preceeding the COVID-19 lockdown

Now you're back into training, who has turned up sporting the worst lockdown trim?

"The worst lockdown haircut, that’s a good one!

"It may be myself [lifts cap off]! I’ve had to go short now but there are loads of players who have let their hair grow."

Which elements of training have you missed?

"Just playing with the boys.

"During quarantine I’ve been playing football but I’ve had to do it alone.

"I’ve been doing my runs to make sure I’m staying physically fit and then I’ll do some finishing in the garden but it’s not the same feeling as when you do it with your teammates or a goalkeeper.

"That’s the main thing I miss, playing with your teammates in five against five or six against six.

"Kicking a ball by yourself in lockdown, you really appreciate how much fun it is to play with your teammates."

And which part of training are you not looking forward to?

"The fitness part.

"I will always do it because it is important but I am not the sort of person who will run with a smile on his face.

"I prefer having the ball at my feet, finishing, dribbling and five against five… obviously the physical part is a big part of football but it’s not my favourite."

Who would you choose as a lockdown partner?

"Ake, definitely: my Dutch mate.

"We would be fighting over Call of Duty all day, so maybe we would be okay for two weeks maximum and then he would need to leave."

Anything you’ll miss about lockdown?

"Yes, I’ve spent a lot of time with my family because I went back to Holland during the lockdown.

"I’ve spent a lot of time with my father, my mother, little sister and brother and that’s been the best thing about the lockdown."


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