There’s a decent atmosphere building in Las Vegas right now but it would be absolutely rocking if all the Brits were here too.

It’s a great shame they’ve not been able to travel over in their masses like last time with all the travel restrictions and costs.

I think there would have been at least 6,000 – 8,000 Brits here and that would have been great for us but it’s not to be. The world is what it is at the moment. But there’s a good buzz about the place at the moment.

Fury vs Wilder 3: It's time to settle this!

After their first two epic battles, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder finally settle their feud once and for all exclusively live on BT Sport Box Office on Saturday 9 October. Book your seat for this unmissable trilogy war now.

I think a lot of people are expecting Deontay Wilder to do something special but I’m not too sure about that. He’s got a lot of people here with him, Wilder, but they’re not getting in the ring with him. That’s how I look at it.

Tyson Fury has fought him twice and beaten him twice. He didn’t get the decision in the first fight but he certainly beat him in the second fight as we all know. I think he’s going to do the same thing again.

That being said some people seem to think differently. But the only person who can beat Tyson is Tyson.

Press conferences can be important in the build-up to these big fights.

One fighter can get in the other fighter’s head. I think Tyson is in Deontay’s head anyway, even before the press conference this week. As Tyson says, he’s been living in there rent-free!

What Tyson can’t afford to do on Saturday is be complacent and I don’t think he will be. He’s in tremendous form, his fitness levels are brilliant. Mentally, he’s right on the money too so that should translate into a great performance.

I was talking to Bob Arum yesterday and I said ‘Could you imagine if Muhammad Ali had fought Tyson Fury? What would those press conferences have been like? They would have been the best things you’ve ever seen!’

I’ll tell you something: Tyson loves boxing. Being in these events gives him life. This is where he belongs, he’s so comfortable with everything. He thrives in this atmosphere.

Fury vs Wilder press conference venue

I think Tyson stops Wilder again.

We just want to get rid of him, it’s been a thorn in our side, this fight. Hopefully there are no unforeseen hiccups and I expect Tyson to knock Wilder out again.

I don’t even get nervous around these big fights anymore, I’m much too old for that!

The Whyte way

[Editors note for context - Dillian Whyte has been confirmed as a challenger for the winner of Tyson Fury's WBC heavyweight title fight against Deontay Wilder this weekend]

Dillian Whyte has got to beat Otto Wallin later this month for any of the news coming out this week to have any significance.

Tyson’s not even thinking about it at the moment, we’ve got this obstacle to deal with first on Saturday night.

We just want to get this out of the way and then next week sometime Tyson will make his decision about what he wants to do next.

I think Wallin is a real tricky fight for Whyte, he’s going to have the bit between his teeth knowing what could be on the other side if he wins.

From our perspective, who would have thought we’d be cheering on Dillian Whyte anytime soon!

Tyson Fury walking into a press conference holding the WBC belt

Closing in on Paul vs Fury...

Things have been progressing in terms of us trying to make this fight beween Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.

I’m much more optimistic than I was, I’m hoping we’re going to know something concrete within the next 48 hours.

We’ve been negotiating for three or four weeks and it’s going to come to a conclusion one way or another soon. We’re just hoping it comes our way.

Joyce vs Joshua anyone?

Anthony Joshua losing to Oleksandr Usyk put the cat amongst the pigeons a little bit in terms of the belts. 

We’re expecting to hear something in the next week or so regarding Joe Joyce’s position with the WBO as he is in the mandatory position. We are chasing, it's just a waiting game at the moment.

It all depends what Oleksandr Usyk decides to do next. I think the WBO will allow Usyk a voluntary defence which looks like it will be against Joshua if AJ is going to take the rematch.

I’d love to try and make Joyce vs Joshua. I don’t think Joshua should take the rematch against Usyk, it’s a dangerous fight as he’s just found out. Usyk isn’t Andy Ruiz. He’s not going to pile on 30lbs in between fights.

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