Lockdown has been terrible for everybody but Denzel Bentley has managed to grab the opportunities that have come his way during this period and make good of it.

When you think about where he was and where he has got to now, he’s had a brilliant year or so. He’s really got himself in a good position as the British champion.

Him against Felix Cash this weekend is a good fight, it’s a tough fight for both of them and there is a lot of animosity between them going back over the years.

It’s the marquee divison as far as Britain is concerned. We’ve always been good at producing top fighters at middleweight and super-middleweight and we’ve been quite dominant at that.

I’m expecting a quality fight on Saturday night and I’m hoping Denzel will come through.


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The next steps will be interesting if Denzel manages to beat Felix. He’s still quite young and relatively inexperienced in boxing terms, Denzel. He didn’t have a huge amateur career but if you look at the last couple of fights we’ve had this year there have been some huge surprises.

Willy Hutchinson came through from the amateurs with absolutely marvellous pedigree, the best amateur Scotland have ever produced, but look what happened with him and Lennox Clarke. Lennox had never had an amateur fight.

Look at Brad Foster, no amateur boxing experience either and he's a dominant British champion. There have been quite a few examples.

What Denzel has done well is make the most of the chances he’s been given. He got his big break for us when somebody pulled out of a fight that he ended up taking at short notice.

I forget who he fought now but I think he stopped the guy late on. Unbeknownst to me, Denzel had already sparred 10 rounds that day! That tells you what he’s all about.

He’s got a lot of dedication and I really do hope it works out for him. He’s a nice guy – as is Felix Cash – and I really think we’ll see something special on Saturday night.

Hold your horses, David!

David Adeleye is taking a big step up this weekend against Kamil Sokolowski but he seems pretty confident. These are the fights that he will learn from.Kamil’s a tough, seasoned fighter with a couple of good wins on his record.

As for David calling out Nathan Gorman and Dave Allen, I’m keeping him away from them until he’s got a bit more experience. He’d fight them all tomorrow! That’s not what it’s about though, it’s all very well being able to fight them but you need to have the ability to beat them.

Nathan has got a different agenda at the moment anyway, he’s got a couple of good wins and he’s looking for a big fight quite soon. Down the road, it could be a cracker between them but for now, it’s too soon.

David moves well, he’s quite intelligent and his boxing shows that too. He listens and he learns. But what pleased me most about his last fight is he came in something like 10lbs heavier – but it wasn’t fat, he’s bulked a bit. Remember, he’s still a kid really. He’s got to get his man strength and develop a bit more.I think he’ll probably end up fighting at around 17st or more.

Look where he goes and spars too, he spars with everybody. He’s sparred Tyson, AJ, you name them, he’s been there. He’s hungry to learn.

Fireworks at light-heavyweight!

Callum Johnson is also fighting on Saturday night and he’s already looking to get back in for another world title fight.

He would love to fight Joe Smith Jr [WBO light heavyweight champion] and I’ve been talking to Bob Arum about it, we’ll see what happens this year.

There is also Lyndon Arthur and Anthony Yarde to consider in this debate. Unfortunately Anthony had to pull out of his fight this weekend with a tooth abscess but those two have got a fight lined up and then they’re going to have a rematch. At the moment, Callum is going to be the more active because Lyndon has also been out.

One of those three will fight Joe Smith Jr this year, 100%.

We are where we are but it is exciting times in that division for our guys. The dream scenario would be for Callum to win that belt and set up a big domestic clash with either Yarde or Arthur, or any of them to win that world title and set up a round robin of fights between them all.

They’re all capable and they would all be exciting fights because of their styles.

Slowly, slowly...

An offer for the Fury vs AJ fight came through at the weekend but it wasn’t in the form that we wanted so hopefully that is going to be redone and we’ll get it back. We're all working hard to get it done! 

Williams will be back... does Eubank Jr want it?

I fancied Liam Williams last weekend against Demetrius Andrade, I thought he’d have a really good chance. Andrade is a strong starter though and he obviously stamped his authority down in the first couple of rounds, Liam couldn’t really get into it.

He showed tremendous bravery and courage though and he’ll come again from that fight, I’m quite sure.

Chris Eubank Jr is a name that people have mentioned, and I would love to see Liam in that fight – if Eubank has the balls to do it. He talks a good fight, that’s what he does, Eubank, but he constantly makes the wrong decisions.

He should have fought Billy Joe again a couple of years ago, that would have been a big, big fight. But he didn’t. He went into the World Boxing Super Series and I know he made a few quid out of it but he’s not fought regularly since then. It’s out of sight out of mind with him really.

Frank Warren will be back next week ahead of another weekend of big fights giving us the latest from the world of boxing.