Women transforming tech: building your brand


What you'll learn

What you'll learn

Building your brand is critical to reaching your career goals and climbing the career ladder. A strong brand clarifies your strengths and helps build trust and credibility with others. This short course—part of the Women Transforming Tech series—helps young women in tech understand how to leverage their unique personal brand to meet their professional goals. Syamla Bandla—a tech leader and current director of product engineering at Facebook—explains why a personal brand is so beneficial, and shows how to define, promote, and evolve your brand. She also describes how personal branding can be applied to overcome obstacles and how introverts can use their brand to build connections.

The benefits of having a personal brand

Steps to define your personal brand

Promoting your personal brand

Evolving your personal brand

Personal branding to overcome obstacles

Personal branding for introverts

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