Developing your work life

Strengthening workplace relationships

Building better relationships will help you get ahead and enjoy yourself at work. Learn how to improve your communication skills, manage expectations and create trust, with a mix of practical tips and inspiring insights.

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Jodi Glickman on Make 'Em Love You at Work

Get ahead and cultivate a spirit of love at work by building relationships, increasing engagement and being authentic.

Realising your potential at work

Fred Kofman on Making Commitments

Fred Kofman advises on how to fulfil commitments, build trust, make an effective apology and work with greater integrity.

Realising your potential at work

Fred Kofman on Accountability

Fred Kofman explains how to maximise team accountability, set up commitments and rebuild trust when things go awry.

Realising your potential at work

Fred Kofman on Managing Conflict

Learn how to turn conflicts into positive outcomes in this workshop-style course with LinkedIn influencer Fred Kofman.

Realising your potential at work

Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant on Option B: Building Resilience

Practical steps to reimagine and rebuild your life when your first choice – your Option A – is no longer on the table.

Realising your potential at work

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