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The most successful people in business know how to clearly communicate their thoughts and ideas. These courses will give you the tools, techniques and expert advice to communicate more confidently.

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Business communication

Get tips and advice on writing for business and learn how to make your communications concise, easy to read and engaging.

Realising your potential at work

Communicate your ideas through storytelling and design

Discover the power of ideas and explore the tools and techniques you can use to capture your audience’s attention.

Realising your potential at work

Jodi Glickman on Pitching Yourself

Learn Jodi Glickman's approach for selling your ideas, your story and yourself with three easy steps to a successful pitch.

Realising your potential at work

Speaking in public

Feel more confident about public speaking and learn how to quickly and easily tailor your speeches to specific audiences.

Realising your potential at work

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