Developing a start-up mentality in your business with Sahar Hashemi

‘Let’s Talk About’ is our series of videos offering practical digital skills advice to help you grow.

Sahar Hashemi OBE, Founder of coffee republic and best-selling author on entrepreneurship, share with us her tips - how thinking and acting like a start up to survive and thrive post covid.

What you'll learn

What you'll learn

Sahar Hashemi started two ground-breaking businesses: the UK’s first coffee bar chain, Coffee Republic, which she grew to 110 stores and a £50 million market cap, and Skinny Candy, a market segment-defining brand of sugar-free sweets. Her 2 books “Anyone can do it” and “Start Up Forever” are packed with ideas on how to stay agile, customer-focused and innovative. Luckily for us, Sahar has offered to share with us some of her key learnings.

Don’t fall into the bureaucracy trap

Use positive language

Get out into the customer’s world

Encourage small ideas

Celebrate failure

Culture is not static, lead by example