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Get help from Levi Roots and Liz Earle

Caribbean cuisine entrepreneur Levi Roots and wellness megabrand Liz Earle have signed up to become mentors to small business owners, sharing their experience on how they built their business.

More mentors are available to help you learn more about digital marketing, social media and business development - all for free. 

Free advice from BT and Google

Meet experts from BT and Google, who will share their advice and ideas on: developing a digital marketing strategy, keeping your business safe online and more. 

Meet Dagenham-based Laurelle at Sleepgoddess who built her brand online and generated more sales around the world. 

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Our free webinars cover topics from: digital marketing, creating engaging content, growing your online presence and more.  ​

Meet Hana, a creative champion from Nottingham. She attended multiple webinars and used her new skills to find new customers.