Skills for Tomorrow

How to get the best out of being online

Skills for Tomorrow is packed with information to help make digital life better for the whole family. From activities for kids, to digital wellbeing, and staying safe online – you’ll find there’s something for everyone.


No one does more to keep you safe online

Protect your devices with security tools worth over £100 included in your broadband at no extra cost.


BT Web Protect

Protect your devices by warning you if
you're about to visit a harmful website.


BT Virus Protect

Powered by McAfee, a world-leader in
protection against viruses, ransomware,
phishing attacks and hackers.
You’re in safe hands.


True Key password manager

Creates and stores strong passwords to keep
your online accounts secure. Never forget a password again.


BT Wi-Fi Controls

Our Smart Hub 2 allows you to control
internet access so you can manage your kids’ screen time.


BT Cloud

Securely backs up your photos, music,
documents and more with the latest encryption software.


BT Parental Controls

Manage what your family can access online
and set filters to keep your kids safe from
harmful websites.


BT Call Protect

Stop nuisance and scam calls to your landline, helping to protect your personal information.