Helping others NHS App guide

What you'll learn

What you'll learn

In this guide you will be helping your learner to download, register and login to the NHS App.

It also covers how to check your COVID-19 vaccination status and view or share your NHS COVID Pass.

How to download the NHS App

How to register on the NHS App

How to view your vaccine status

How to view and share your COVID Pass

Other uses for the NHS App

What to do if you can’t download or access the NHS App

About the NHS guide

These simple and practical guides are designed to help you, help others with the basics of the NHS App – to not only help them prove their vaccine status, but other things, like health advice or ordering repeat prescriptions.

How the guide can help

Community Group or Charity 
If you’re involved in a community group or charity you can download this guide to help people build their digital confidence

Local Authority
If you work for a Local Authority you can download and share this resource.  Supporting people to build their digital confidence in the community.

Friends, Family, Neighbours
If you know anyone who might find this useful please share it with them so we can help even more people make the most of life in the digital world.

How it works


The guide is available in the following PDF formats, that can be downloaded / shared.



Encourage your learner to carry out as many steps as possible to build their confidence. Try to avoid doing any steps for them. If they get stuck, show them, but then go back and ask them to do the same step independently.


You can print off this sheet to leave with them, to try out on their own.