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Making the most of the internet

These courses will help you get the most out of being online, whether you want to find information, watch your favourite TV shows or do your weekly shop.

Our courses

Using the internet

Learn how to use a web browser to view websites and create bookmarks, and understand what copyright means online.

Mastering the basics

Using search engines

Find out how to search the internet using search engines such as Google, use bookmarks and save images and other files.

Mastering the basics

Using online forms

Learn different ways to complete online forms, such as text boxes and multiple choice answers, and how to correct mistakes.

Mastering the basics

Online shopping

Learn how to shop online, compare prices, use secure payment methods and understand your rights when buying online.

Mastering the basics

Watching and listening online

Discover how you can watch TV and listen to radio online, and use music services to listen to your music whenever you like.

Mastering the basics

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