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Accessing public services

Services like the NHS and local council services are increasingly moving online. Learn how to access them with these step-by-step guides.

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The NHS website: a how to guide

Understand how to make the most of the NHS website to find advice and local health services like GPs and hospitals online.

Accessing public services

GP services online: a how to guide

Learn how to find and register with your local GP surgery, apply for repeat prescriptions and look up health records online.

Accessing public services

Using public services online

Understand what public services are available online, how use the GOV.UK government website and find local council services.

Accessing public services

Universal Credit: a how to guide

Learn about Universal Credit, how to make a claim online and what information you will need in order to do this.

Accessing public services
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Boost your digital skills with face-to-face learning from Good Things Foundation

Kick-start your confidence by learning essential digital skills in a friendly community setting. Good Things Foundation has an Online Centres Network of more than 5,000 community-based organisations around the UK, in spaces like libraries, churches and community centres. Find your local Online Centre today and get the help and support you need.

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Become a Digital Champion with Learn My Way

Many people need help using the internet for essential activities like online banking, looking for a job and staying in touch with family and friends. In this course learn how to be a Digital Champion and get the skills you need to make a difference.

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