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Launching your business

Preparing to launch a business? Get yourself ready with tools, advice and expert insights on planning, financing and marketing.

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An entrepreneurial approach

Guy Kawasaki on Entrepreneurship

Guy Kawasaki shows you how to focus your pitch and develop prototypes, predict new markets and capitalise on social media.

Sramana Mitra on Bootstrapping

Sramana Mitra shares insights on how to start a new business without any external financing, using the bootstrapping method.

Branding and product

Neil Blumenthal on Branding

Neil Blumenthal shares his perspective on branding and on building companies and products in a brand-centric manner.

Soon Yu on Creating Timeless Brands

Thought leader Soon Yu gives a framework for identifying what's unique about your brand and creating a timeless distinction.

John Maeda on Design, Business, and Inclusion

Good design is often associated with beauty, but John Maeda argues that good design is more about outcome than aesthetics.

Nir Eyal on Creating Habit-Forming Products

Find out how to manufacture desire using the hook model, and apply strategies of persuasive companies to your own business.

Shane Snow on Storytelling

Shane Snow shares his approach to crafting compelling stories, a powerful way to make people care about products and brands.

Thomas A. Stewart and Patricia O'Connell on Designing and Delivering Great Customer Experience

Thomas and Patricia explain why great customer experience must be a strategic choice woven into the fabric of your business.

Ways to market

Jeff Dyer on Innovation

Innovation expert Jeff Dyer shares his insights on developing the key skills that lead to innovative capabilities.

Get a business online

Find out how to build a digital presence, sell to customers online and stay safe from hackers.

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Grow your skills with face-to-face learning from Google Digital Garage

Book your place at one these free face-to-face coaching events in cities across the UK. You’ll learn key digital skills to help you grow your business, from creating a social media strategy to getting started with digital marketing.

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