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Establishing a positive culture at work benefits both you and your team. Learn how from leading experts.

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Leadership and management styles

Ryan Holmes on Social Leadership

Join the CEO and founder of Hootsuite as he shares his insights about what it means to be an effective social leader.

Ken Blanchard on Servant Leadership

Ken discusses practical ways to create a servant leader culture, habits of servant leaders and how to manage effectively.

Charlene Li on Digital Leadership

Charlene Li explains the three steps for extending leadership into the digital space: listening, sharing and engaging.

Bill George on Self Awareness, Authenticity, and Leadership

Learn how to examine your strengths and weaknesses, solicit feedback and become more authentic in how you behave and lead.

Gary Hamel on Busting Bureaucracy

Global business thought leader Gary Hamel outlines what you can do to bust bureaucracy, whatever your role and position.

Jeff Weiner on Managing Compassionately

The CEO of LinkedIn shares the rationale for compassion in leadership and how he used his experiences to affect change.

Supporting your employees

Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh on Creating an Alliance with Employees

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and entrepreneur Chris Yeh on strengthening the relationship between companies and employees.

Ram Charan on High Potentials

Learn what companies must do to cultivate high-potentials and how individuals can develop their high-potential selves.

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Grow your skills with face-to-face learning from Google Digital Garage

Book your place at one these free face-to-face coaching events in cities across the UK. You’ll learn key digital skills to help you grow your business, from creating a social media strategy to getting started with digital marketing.

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