You don't need to be a world leader to do your bit for the environment. In fact, you can make a difference from the comfort of your own sofa. That’s why BT is asking you to get talking about the small things you can do to help combat climate change. Host your own Big Sofa Summit and spark the conversation about how you and your home can be greener.

Keep scrolling for ideas, guides and top tips from some famous faces to help you hold a Big Sofa Summit today.

Kimberley Walsh’s Big Sofa Summit

From shorter showers to turning the heating down, see how Kimberley Walsh and her family will use smart tech to cut down on energy waste as they host their Big Sofa Summit.

Jordan and Perri's Big Sofa Summit

Perri has to be social-media-ready at a moment’s notice. But that doesn’t mean he needs ALL the lights on. Check out what the guys from Diversity have to say about LED smart lighting in their Big Sofa Summit.


Host your own Big Sofa Summit

You’ve seen what it’s all about. Now it’s your turn. This handy guide makes sure you’re all set to hold your very own Big Sofa Summit. Whether you’re a homeowner, renter or still living with your family, get talking about sustainability today and find out what small changes you can make to live a greener life.

Find the Welsh version of the Summit guide here.



We're working to bring you greener broadband

BT has led the way on climate action for three decades and we've pledged to become a Net Zero emissions business by 2030 for our own operations, and 2040 for our supply chain and customer emissions. That means anyone who buys mobile or broadband from BT, EE or Plusnet are already supplied by networks that use 100% renewable energy. With the second largest commercial fleet in the UK, we’ve outlined plans to switch the majority of our vehicles over to electric or zero emissions by 2030.

At BT our purpose is ‘we connect for good’. With a customer base of 30m UK households, 1m SMEs and some of the biggest global multinational organisations, we’re committed to helping our customers cut their carbon footprint. In 2019, our products helped them produce 13 million fewer tonnes of greenhouse gases. In 2020, we refurbished and recycled more than 900,000 broadband hubs and TV boxes. And by 2025 100% of our plastic packaging will be reused, recycled, or composted. We are facing a climate emergency. We need to do more and act now. By working together with our customers, colleagues, suppliers and other organisations, we can build back better and bring about lasting change.

renewable electricity

We're powered by renewable electricity - from our broadband and mobile networks to our 575+ high street stores.*

*BT Group purchases renewable energy tariffs to power its UK stores, offices and mobile and broadband networks.

tonnes of CO2 saved

We refurbished over 400,000 bits of tech in 2020 and recycled over half a million more. That's saved the same amount of CO2 as 6,000 flights from London to Tokyo.

Source: The Carbon Trust

plastic commitment

By 2025, 100% of our plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable, compostable or removed all together.


Live smarter

BT partnered with environmental charity Hubbub to explore how technology can help people to cut carbon emissions, save money and live smarter at home. Click here to see the results of the Smarter Living Challenge and find out which small steps you can take today. 


Measure your impact

BT is backing Count Us In, a global movement seeking to inspire 1 billion people to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Choose from 16 practical steps that can help you live greener, and make your pledge to see how you can cut down on carbon emissions.  


Get your smart tech today

We’ve partnered with some of the biggest smart home brands to bring you the best products to help you be more sustainable. Whether you're a smart home pro or completely new to the idea, visit the BT shop today and pick up some smart tech today.