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Ultrafast Speed Guarantee – Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms set out the conditions of the Ultrafast Speed Guarantee ("Speed Guarantee") for customers on our Ultrafast Fibre Plus products.
  2. What does this speed guarantee mean? It means that if your download speed to your Smart Hub falls below 100 Mpbs or your upload speed falls below 10 Mbps, then you can claim a £20 gift card from us- and you can do this up to 4 times a year.
  3. What speeds does the Speed Guarantee cover? A download speed of less than 100Mbps or an upload speed of less than 10Mbps. This applies to both our Ultrafast Fibre Plus and Ultrafast Fibre 2 Plus products.
  4. How to claim: To make a claim under the Speed Guarantee, you'll need to run a Speed Check, and also run some Diagnostics. We've explained this in more detail below. After you've done this, we'll contact you and explain how you can make a claim.
  5. Step One - The Speed Check: You can run a speed check under this guarantee in one of three ways only: (1) The speed checker available at ; or (2) by calling a BT advisor on 0800 800 150 who will conduct a speed check for you, or (3) on the MyBT App (“Speed Check”). We won't accept any other speed checks. You need to do your Speed Check using your BT Ultrafast Smart Hub, which must be plugged in and switched on for speed information to be captured. The Speed Guarantee covers the speed you get to your hub, so when lots of devices are used, the speed shown will be less as these devices will be using the speed available. So we may ask you to disconnect some of these devices and then ask you to run another Speed Check.
  6. Step Two - Diagnostics: When you reach diagnostics, we'll check everything is okay with your line. This will involve a few online tests. We might ask you to turn your Smart Hub off and on again, check wiring within your home, or unplug your devices. This is so we determine the cause of the speed issue. In some circumstances we might send an engineer to your home.
  7. When and how often can I claim under this Speed Guarantee?
    1. You can start claiming under this Speed Guarantee from when we tell you that your Speed Guarantee is up and running. This will usually be within the first 10 days after your service start date.
    2. It must be at least ten calendar days since submitting your last claim under this Speed Guarantee.
    3. You can claim a maximum of four times under this Speed Guarantee in any 365 days. After you have reached four claims, we may contact you to discuss what options are available to you.
    4. If you do a Speed Test which shows that both download and upload speeds do not meet the thresholds set out in paragraph 3, you'll only be able to claim once for this.
  8. What does this Speed Guarantee not cover? This Speed Guarantee does not cover speed issues caused by:
    1. Any planned or unplanned outages on BT's network or any third party service ;
    2. Issues within your home environment. This includes (but is not only) if your BT Ultrafast Smart Hub needs to be rebooted, if it has a fault that you've caused, home wiring issues, if you are using powerline adapters, or if you've tested your speed with multiple devices connected to the hub.
    3. Connection faults (e.g. a Speed Check result of 0Mbps); and
    4. You also won't be able to claim under this Speed Guarantee if we reasonably suspect that your results are not genuine or are the result of fraud, or if you've broken the terms of any part of our BT Broadband terms and conditions at
  9. What will I get? If you've completed a valid Speed Check and the Diagnostics, and you have got a speed lower than those in paragraph 3, you will receive a £20 pre-paid Mastercard cash card. This will be posted to you within 30 days of your claim, and you must activate it within 90 days of your claim. Your PIN number will be sent to you separately.
  10. Everything else: This offer doesn't affect your statutory rights or any other legal rights that you may have. We reserve the right to substitute compensation of equivalent or greater value if this is necessary for reasons beyond our control.

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