Your BT Terms and Conditions

Have you received a letter or e-mail from us about changes to your terms and conditions? Click here to read our guide.

When you buy a product from us we agree to enter into a legal contract together. We call this our Agreement.

We have separate Agreements for each of our products. Each Agreement includes the terms which we agree to, such as our promise to provide you with a service and your promise to pay for it (for example).

Each Agreement might have terms that look the same, but there are important differences. You should read each separate Agreement in full. To help with this, we’ve included a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) at the start of each Agreement.

  1. Our Agreement
  2. Our Prices and Special Offers
  3. Our Privacy Policy
  4. Our Acceptable Use Policy
  5. Agreement Updates
  6. Your Consumer Rights
  7. How to Contact Us

1. Our Agreement

You can watch this short video explaining the most important bits of our terms and conditions:

You can read our Agreement by clicking on the product you have with us below:

If you’re looking for BT WiFi, BT Home IT Call, Aerial Installation or the Supporters Club terms and conditions please go here.

2. Our Prices and Special Offers

We have set out our prices in a separate document called our Tariff Guide

You can read our Tariff Guide by clicking here

Some of our Special Offers also have their own terms, which you can read by clicking here.

3. Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Centre includes lots of detail about how we collect and use your personal information.

You can access the Privacy Centre by clicking here.

4. Our Acceptable Use Policy

Our customers should be able to use our services to express themselves and share information. But we also believe that there should be certain rules on how are services are used to protect the safety and rights of other users.

Our Acceptable Use Policy explains what those rules are and what action we may take if you breach them.

You can read our Acceptable Use Policy by clicking here.

5. Updates to our Agreement

We sometimes have to make changes to your terms and conditions. When we do, we'll let you know. But you can read a summary of key changes by clicking here.

6. Your Consumer Rights

As a UK consumer you have certain legal rights. These rights are in addition to any specific rights included in your Agreement with us.

You can read about your Consumer Rights by clicking here.

7. How to Contact us

If you have any questions about our Agreement you can call us on 0800 800 150. Calls are free from landlines and BT mobiles, and charged at your operator's standard rate from other mobiles.