BT Sport Online

  1. We will provide you with access to BT Sport Online via both the:
    1. BT Sport App for compatible smartphones, tablets and PC's which can be downloaded from Windows, Google Play and Apple App stores, and
    2. BT Sport Website if you are using a desktop or laptop computer.
  2. We will provide you up to date information on how to download the BT Sport App on the BT Sport Website. When you download the BT Sport App you will be required to agree to the End User License Agreement before you use it. Your access to all BT Sport Online content via the BT Sport Website or the BT Sport App will also be governed by the Terms of Use.
  3. To access BT Sport on the BT Sport App you must:
    1. be resident in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man;
    2. only access and use BT Sport via your smartphones, tablets or PC's in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man;
    3. follow our reasonable instructions and requirements in relation to how you use the BT Sport App, as set out in this contract and on the BT Sport Website.
  4. Access to BT Sport Online is dependent on you having an adequate internet connection for your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  5. You will need to ensure that you have a compatible device on which to access BT Sport Online. We will make information about system requirements needed for compatible devices available on the BT Sport Website. It is your responsibility to make sure that the device you are using to access BT Sport Online meets these system requirements. We will update these system requirements from time to time and make that information available on the BT Sport Website.
  6. We will not be responsible if BT Sport Online is suspended, interrupted or not available to you due to lack of an adequate internet connection or problems with your network coverage.
  7. You will be responsible for any costs charged by your mobile network and/or third party internet service provider in relation to the provision of mobile network coverage and/or broadband internet connection necessary to use BT Sport Online.
  8. You may access BT Sport Online on a maximum of 2 devices simultaneously in any combination, whether they are smartphones, tablets, laptops or personal computers. Sometimes we may temporarily restrict your access to BT Sport Online to 1 device if we think this is necessary to safeguard the quality of BT Sport.
  9. By accessing BT Sport Online you agree to the terms of the BT privacy policy set out here on in relation to how we use your personal data on BT Sport Online.

BT ID login and password security for BT Sport Online

  1. Access to BT Sport Online must be authenticated via a BT ID login. When you subscribe to BT Sport a BT ID login can be set up for you if you do not already have one.
  2. You are responsible for keeping your BT ID username and password secure and confidential and you must not disclose it to any third party under any circumstances. You must take all reasonable precautions to prevent them being used by someone else. You are also responsible for the security and proper use of all activities that occur under your BT ID login.
  3. If you know or suspect that your BT ID login details have been compromised, or you suspect or become aware of any other breach of security, you must tell us immediately. In these circumstances, you must also ensure that your BT ID password is changed as soon as possible.
  4. If we believe that there has been, or is likely to be, a breach of security of your BT ID details, we may suspend your BT ID login privileges. We will in these circumstances require that your password is changed. If so we will restrict your access to BT Sport Online until your BT ID password has been changed.

Information about the software and your device for BT Sport Online

  1. If you are required to download software from either the BT Sport Website or via the BT Sport App, including plug-ins in order to access BT Sport Online, the software may send information about itself and your device (including in relation to usage) to us. The type of information we may collect about the software and your device under this paragraph is explained in our privacy policy that you may access on By using the relevant software, you are indicating your consent to the transmission of this information.
  2. You must not copy (except as permitted under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, as amended from time to time), publish, rent, reproduce, transmit, frame, reverse engineer, decrypt, decompile, disassemble, alter or commercially exploit the relevant software or any content you stream or (if applicable) download from BT Sport.