Advertising Information & Help

Advertising Information & Help

Some parts of, and BT Mail contain third party online advertising. Some of this advertising is personalised for you using information such as pages that you have viewed while on these websites. Personalising the adverts you see allows us to make the advertising messages as relevant to you as possible and to provide a more compelling online experience through our site. This page contains information about the advertising on, and BT Mail as well as a guide to control your own advertising settings.

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In order to be as relevant to you as possible, some of the adverts that you see on, and BT Mail are tailored for you based on your online activity. This is called 'Interest-Based Advertising' and is done by using cookies. You can control your cookie settings on, and BT Mail by clicking on the link to the left or on the 'Change cookie settings' link at the bottom of the page. Warning: Changing these settings will also affect other site functionality such as social networking, commenting and online chat support.

If you decide you don't want to see interest based advertisements on, and BT Mail you will still see more general advertising not related to your interests we have assumed from past online activity.

Adverts Across the Web

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Change AdChoices

Interest-Based Advertising is used across the internet. Most online advertisers participate in a program called AdChoices that gives you control over how much interest-based advertising you see online. You may have seen the blue triangle in the corner of an advert before. If you click on this, or on the button to the left, you will be taken through to AdChoices where you can get all the information and control you need to allow you to make informed choices about the interest-based advertising that you see online.

If you decide you don't want to see interest based advertisements across the web you will still see more general advertising not related to your interests that have been assumed from past online activity.

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Contact Us is now home to a huge range of bespoke and branded content – including the latest news, entertainment, technology and lifestyle stories, picture galleries, videos and much more. It is also home to the all new BT Mail.

The new, and BT Mail work seamlessly and responsively across computers, tablets and smartphones and marks the latest evolution of the landmark BT brand.

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Questions asked about Advertising

  • Why do I see advertisements on, and BT Mail?

    Advertising on this website allows us to provide you with free content and services.

  • What is Interest-Based Advertising?

    BT uses Google and Ad2One's advertising services to deliver advertising on its websites. Some of this advertising will be interest-based advertising which uses information about your web usage, such as sites you've visited previously, to show tailored adverts to you. This is intended to make them more relevant to your interests. You can find out more detailed information including videos, guides and tips related to interest based advertising at youronlinechoices and also at youradchoices.

  • How do I control the advertising I see on, and BT Mail?

    Interest-Based Advertising is provided on, and BT Mail using a cookie. You are in control of this cookie and can therefore stop seeing interest-based advertising at any time by changing your cookie settings via the link at the bottom right of this page.

    Changing your cookie option to 'functional' switches off interest-based advertising but may also affect your ability to use certain features of and such as commenting in articles and sharing links on Facebook. You will continue to see general advertising.

  • Can I control advertising I see on other websites?

    You can also turn off interest-based advertising on other sites as well as, and BT Mail. Details can be found at Your Online Choices.

  • Can I switch advertising off on, and BT Mail?

    General advertising on, and BT Mail cannot be turned off. However you can control whether or not the adverts you see on these websites are interest-based.

  • How do I give feedback about an advert I have seen on, or BT Mail?

    On, and BT Mail we only want to show you the most relevant advertising possible. If you wish to give us feedback about a specific advertisement please take a screenshot image of the page where the ad is showing, attach to an email, and send to Please detail a description of the ad you wish to comment on, the time and date you saw the advertisement in question together with your feedback comments. If you have a direct complaint related to the content of an advertisement please visit the regulator for advertising content, the Advertising Standards Authority. Should your complaint be in regard to financial advertising (eg mortgage products, general insurance or savings/bank accounts)? please contact the Financial Services Authority.