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Tracking your orders and reporting faults

Once you've ordered something from us, it's easy to find out the status of your order on the website. And if anything should go wrong with your phone line, broadband or BT Vision, you can report a fault and track its progress online as well.

  • Tracking a phone, broadband or BT Vision order

    We've made it as easy as possible to track your BT phone line, broadband or BT Vision order. You'll need your phone number (if you have one), post code and order reference to track your order. This will have been sent to you by email or letter or given to you by the advisor who placed your order.
    Track your order now

  • Track a BT Shop order

    If you've ordered anything from BT Shop, and you want to get in touch to ask a question – just fill in our simple form and we'll get back to you.
    Contact BT Shop here

    If you want to cancel your order, return your goods – or if your goods are faulty – you can arrange the return of your goods online.
    Visit BT Shop to find out how to cancel your order or return your goods

  • Reporting a fault

    If you think you have a fault with your telephone line, it's easy to check this on our website. We can help you test your phone line and try to solve the problem. If this doesn't solve the problem, it will be reported as a fault, and we'll get in touch with you to solve it.

    You can also report faults on other people's phone lines, faults with payphones, and track faults that you've already raised with us.
    Report or track a fault now

  • Free priority fault repair

    If you have a long-term illness or disability and your phone is vital, you may be eligible for this service. It is available on standard BT lines and gives you priority treatment if there's a fault with your line. Priority is given ahead of other jobs but we can't guarantee immediate repair. If you use a Lifeline it doesn't automatically mean you qualify for this service – but there are other options if you're not eligible.

    To get an application form, please call 0800 800 151 (Textphone 18001 0800 800 151) free of charge, 24 hours a day.

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