BT Smart Controls FAQs - Camera sharing

How private is the camera video?

Access to the live video stream via the app is secured by the personal username and password that you've created. We also secure your account further by using a Two-Factor Authentication. 

The video stream from the Baby Unit to the Application is encrypted with AES-128 bit security end-to-end.

Your Motion detection events, including the associated Snap Shot, are encrypted and stored in the cloud. 

It is always good practice to set a strong password and change it on a frequent basis. It’s also good practice to set a PIN or finger print ID to access your mobile phone.

How protected is my camera from being hacked?

Our cameras/baby monitors do not have a default password. The user account is set up through an app which uses bank-grade encryption and 2-factor authentication. It's important that you choose a strong password when setting up your account. We ensure this by only permitting passwords that are 8-16 characters and contain a mixture of lower and upper case, numbers and special characters.

BT releases regular software updates and patches therefore you should always accept firmware upgrades. You can ensure the firmware is up to date by checking in the app (Camera Settings > Details > Firmware Version).


Can I give someone access to my camera? 

Yes. You can do this by downloading the app onto a trusted friend or family member's device and logging in using the same details as the primary account holder, i.e. username and password. You will then be prompted to enter a pincode that is sent to your primary number. 

This trusted person will then be able to use the camera and receive the same notifications as you. 

If you no longer wish to share the camera, follow the below steps.

First, you can view the devices that have access to the camera by:

  1.  Tapping Settings at the bottom of the app 
  2.  Tapping the gear icon next to your email address 
  3.  Tapping Manage Trusted Devices 

You will now be shown the device names that have access to your camera(s) and when they last logged in. If you would like to remove a device, tap the bin icon. This will log the device out of the Smart Controls app and remove its access to the camera. 

If that trusted person has your log-in details we recommend you change these in the Settings menu.


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