What do I need to get BT TV?

If you don’t have any BT service today for your TV or broadband, then this will explain what you need.....

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If you don’t have any BT service today for your TV or broadband, then this will explain what you need.

What you'll need to have:

✓ A TV - you can’t watch without one!
✓ A good quality Freeview aerial and signal (more about aerials below)
✓ The ability to connect your new BT TV box to your new BT Hub

What you’ll get from us:

✓ BT Broadband
✓ A BT Hub
✓ A BT TV box
✓ A BT TV subscription

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To get BT TV you need to have BT Broadband.

BT TV combines Freeview channels via your aerial, with premium channels and Video On Demand via your broadband connection.

There's a minimum line speed for BT TV. When you're placing your order we'll tell you the broadband speed. This will affect which packages you can have with BT TV.

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The best way to connect your BT TV box to your hub is with a direct Ethernet cable. This is because services like premium channels and Video On Demand are brought to you via the broadband connection. With a direct Ethernet connection, you’ll get a better service.

If you’re not able to connect direct with a cable yourself, there are a couple of alternatives:

BT TV provides Freeview channels through your aerial, and premium channels via broadband.

To get Freeview channels which are available in your area, you'll need a working rooftop TV aerial with the right cabling to plug into the BT TV box. You won't be able to use the cables installed for Sky or Virgin.

If you need a new rooftop aerial, you can add this as part of your order. If you've already placed your order, please contact us >

Aerial types
Aerial connection types

You’ll need a TV with an HDMI port. If you want to order BT Sport Ultimate, then you’ll need an Ultra HD TV.

Make sure you use the HDMI cable included in your box for the best connection.

HDMI ports and cable

There are three types of BT TV box you can have. They are:

4K recordable TV box; top of the range with the biggest hard drive for recording and is Ultra HD compatible.

The recordable TV box is our most popular, with plenty of room for recording SD and HD channels.

Not bothered about recording? The BT TV box is for you.

YouView box

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