Finding and watching On Demand programmes on the BT TV App - Samsung Smart TV

You can find On Demand programmes in the genre discovery screens; Entertainment, Sport, Film, Box Sets and Kids.

These screens show genre-specific On Demand programmes. You can also find genre-specific live channels in these screens too.

Screen showing genre-specific On Demand programmes on Samsung Smart TV

You can also use the search function to find your On Demand programmes.

Watching On Demand programmes

When watching an On Demand programme you can pause, rewind and restart the episode using those buttons on your remote. To see the 'progress bar', press the down button on your remote.

You can also see synopsis information for the programme you're watching by pressing the red button on your remote. And by pressing the down button twice, you can see other episodes for the programme you're watching if it's part of a series.

Samsung TV other episodes screen

If the programme you’re watching is part of a series, a countdown will appear near the end of the episode and the next episode will automatically play. You can press Play now now to start the next episode straight away.

Samsung TV play now button

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