Finding and watching live programmes on the EE TV App - Amazon Fire TV

BT TV is now EE TV. You'll still get all the same entertainment and sport you know and love. Find out what EE TV has to offer.

There are various ways to find your live subscription programmes in the EE TV App.

Finding live programmes

To find live channels, go to the 'TV Channels' section of the app. You'll see a panel of programmes currently live on TV, with the pink progress bar showing the status of the programme. You can see programme information by pressing the burger icon button on any programme tile.

Channels are split out by genre, and are then shown in the order they display in the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).

To see only those channels which are available for you to watch, turn the 'free-to-me' toggle button on by pressing the Play/Pause button on your remote.

Programmes with a 'pink ticket' icon in the right-hand corner aren't available as part of your existing subscription, and will require a package upgrade or separate purchase to watch.

Watching live programmes

You can see programme information for the programme you’re watching, and also see what’s coming up next, by pressing the burger button on your remote.

You can see other live channels by pressing the down button twice, and then pressing left or right.

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