Setting up TNT Sports

Getting started with the discovery+ app


Whether it's for use on mobile devices, tablets, or your TV, the first step to using the discovery+ app is to download it. Search for the discovery+ app in your relevant app store and download it to your device. You can find the list of available devices that discovery+ is available to download on here.

If you subscribe to any of our BT TV packages (except TV Essential), you'll have access to TNT Sports on discovery+ with BT broadband or TNT Sports on Sky. But you'll first need to activate discovery+ by logging in to MyBT.

If you subscribe to TNT Sports on BT Mobile, signed up to TNT Sports on EE Mobile before 18th July 2023 or subscribe to discovery+ Premium (incl. TNT Sports), you will need to activate discovery+ by visiting

Once you’ve activated your account, you’ll then be asked to create a discoveryID to sign into the discovery+ app. For more help on this, visit the discovery+ help site. 

Get started with discovery+ online

To watch TNT Sports online, you'll need to go to and sign in with your newly created discoveryID.

If you subscribe to a BT TV Entertainment or Big Entertainment package, you’ll get access to a discovery+ Basic subscription and if you subscribe to a BT TV Sport, Big Sport or VIP package, TNT Sports on discovery+ with BT broadband, discovery+ Premium (incl. TNT Sports), TNT Sports on Sky or TNT Sports on BT or EE Mobile - then you’ll get access to a discovery+ Premium (incl. TNT Sports) subscription.


Getting started with TNT Sports on BT TV

To watch TNT Sports channels on BT TV, you’ll need to subscribe to one of our Sport, Big Sport, or VIP packages. You can also watch TNT Sports channels if you subscribe to our Entertainment or Big Entertainment TV package by adding the TNT Sports add-on.


Getting started with TNT Sports on Sky


To watch TNT Sports on Sky, you'll first need to purchase it. You can only order TNT Sports on Sky if you first purchase BT broadband as a new customer. If you're already a BT broadband customer, you can add TNT Sports on Sky to your account. You can do this, and view TNT Sports on Sky FAQs, by visiting


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