Why has my Monthly Payment Plan increased?

We regularly review your payments and usage to check you're paying the right amount. If you're paying too much, or not enough, we'll let you know and automatically adjust your payments. Your payment amount can change as we monitor how much you use your new products.

If your Monthly Payment Plan amount no longer covers what you're spending, it could go up. This could be because:

• You're making more calls outside of your plan than you were before
• A discount on your account has come to an end
• You’ve changed your calling plan or broadband package, and we’ve had to adjust your monthly amounts
• A one-off charge has meant that your monthly payments aren't enough to cover your bill for the quarter


What are my options?

Option 1: Make a one-off payment

If you have some debt on your account that's increasing your monthly amount, you can make a one-off payment into your plan with a debit or credit card. Go to Billing > Pay my bill in the app menu. You’ll need your account number to do it.

This can reduce the amount you pay in the months to follow.

Option 2: Change your payment method

You can move to Whole Bill Direct Debit. Some customers don't think Monthly Payment Plan is for them any more, or disagree with the amount we ask for monthly. If this is you, you can change to Whole Bill Direct Debit and pay monthly or quarterly. This can also be better if your charges vary.

Help with paying by Direct Debit >

Option 3: Do nothing

We'll go ahead with the reassessment and your monthly payment will increase to the amount we told you about on your bill.

If you expect your usage to come down, you can just wait one quarter. If your usage charges go down enough, we'll be able to reduce your monthly charge.

You can manage the way you pay at

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