What happens after I order a package?

When you order a package, we'll agree a date with you for your telephone to be installed or upgraded. This date is known as your 'activation date’. We’ll send you an email or letter confirming all of the dates and details of your order.

We’ll keep you informed about the progress of your order by email. If there are any problems, we'll contact you immediately.

If there’s equipment in your order, such as a BT Hub, this will arrive by Royal Mail the day before your activation date. It will arrive between 7am and 6pm, and Royal Mail will text you ahead of your delivery. Instructions on how and when to connect your equipment will be included in the delivery.

If you’ve ordered a triple package you’ll also receive:

  • BT YouView box with cables
  • BT YouView remote control
  • Power supply

You’ll only be charged for your package from the date all of your package services are available. However, your telephone line rental charges will start from the date your telephone line is activated.

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