Rental and charges in detail

When you signed up for a BT line you chose one of our calling plans. These include your line rental, which is charged for in advance. You can view your bill whenever you need to by going into the 'Billing' section in the app menu.

Your bill will display any line rental charges in the summary at the top. You can then scroll down to the 'How we worked out your bill' section to find out more information.

On a paper bill, your rental charges are shown in the 'Rental Charges' section.

Not the price you were told it would be?

When you ordered your service from BT we might have told you how much you'll pay each month, but your bill might cover the next three months.

If you're expecting to see a special offer, or a discounted price on your bill, you'll see these in the 'Rental and other basic charges' section.

If you recently took advantage of a broadband offer where the price is discounted for the first few months, the refund for those first few months will have been added to your first bill as a credit. The credit will have covered all of the months when you had your discount. Your future bills will only include the usual advance charges (including any standard rental and call charges), unless you've changed your broadband package.

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