Learn about broadband usage

Learn about broadband usage

If you're on one of our Unlimited broadband services, you don't need to worry about your broadband usage. If not, you need to know about the allowances we set on how much data you can use. If you find these allowances don't suit you, it's easy to upgrade your broadband to Unlimited.


What is broadband usage?

Broadband usage is how much data you upload or download from the internet. There are two main factors that contribute to the total amount of usage we measure on your line:

  • The number of devices you're using to access the internet at any one time: for example, computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets
    The kind of things you're doing and how long for: for example, whether you're browsing social media sites, watching videos (such as YouTube) or TV (such as BBC iPlayer) and updating software on your computer or mobile device, to name a few
    Some activities involve more usage than others. Watching a video, for example, involves downloading loads more data than looking at a simple web page or sending a short email.


How am I kept informed about my usage?

If you exceed your monthly usage allowance your service won't be affected. We'll email you when you're reaching your maximum usage allowance. If you go over your usage allowance, you'll be charged £2.20 per GB or part of. This will appear on your next bill and we'll also send you an email to let you know what the charge will be.


How can I keep an eye on my usage?

Select 'View my usage' from within the app

Or, you can track your usage by logging into My BT at Scroll down to see the "My products" section. Under the "My broadband" option, select the "View your broadband usage" link

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