I updated my device's operating system and now the My BT app isn't working. What should I do?

You might have noticed some issues with your My BT app after updating to iOS 14 or Android 10. Find out what caused these issues and how to fix them.


What has changed?

Every device that communicates using wi-fi has a MAC (media access control) address. This is a unique number that allows devices to identify each other on a wi-fi network.

Apple and Google have added a new feature to iOS 14 and Android 10 which generates a new MAC address for the device when it connects to a wi-fi network, including your home network.

This randomisation happens automatically, and you cannot opt-in or out. It might cause some issues in the My BT app.


My wi-fi access controls are not working after the update. What should I do?

If you've updated any of your devices to iOS 14 or Android 10, you should be able to connect to your BT home network as normal without having to enter your network password. But you might notice that your groups or wi-fi access controls aren't working.

This is because the My BT app sees your device's new MAC address and thinks it's a new device. So any wi-fi access controls set up previously - such as those set up to determine when children can use home wi-fi - will no longer work.

To fix this, you need to set up your wi-fi access controls again. If you created a group of devices previously, you'll need to add your device to the group again.


My device is not listed with the custom name I gave it. What should I do?

You might notice that your devices listed in the Connected devices area of the app have generic names like 'iPhone' or 'Pixel 3' instead of any custom names previously set. To fix this you need to rename your device.

In My BT under Your offline devices you'll find all devices that have been connected to your wi-fi network but aren't connected now. You might see the device you're using listed under an old name. This is just the listing for the old MAC address for your device, so you can ignore it.


Where can I find my device's MAC address?

If you want to check the MAC address of your device, go to Your wi-fi network > Smart Hub 2 > Connected devices and tap the device. The MAC address is a series of numbers and letters.


I cannot manage Complete Wi-Fi in the My BT app after the update. What should I do?

If you have a device running on iOS 14 and use the My BT app to manage Complete Wi-Fi you'll see a permission notification when you open the app. If you refuse permission by selecting Don't allow, you won't be able to use or manage Complete Wi-Fi within the app. If you have granted permission by selecting OK, everything will work as expected.

If you've already clicked Don't allow, you need to allow permissions:


Go to Settings > My BT > Local network and toggle to change the permissions of the app


Go to Settings > Privacy > Local network > My BT and toggle to change the permissions of the app



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