Help with phishing scams

Phishing is a type of online identity theft. Scammers use messages designed to look as if they are from a genuine company to try and trick you into giving out private information like your BT ID username and password or even your bank details.


Think before you click

  • BT will never ask you for private/personal details or banking information out of the blue
  • BT will never send you an email with an attachment

Keep yourself safe by following this golden rule

Do not click on any links in a suspicious email.

If you're worried about an email that appears to be from BT, rather than clicking on any links you should type in your browser to log in to your My BT account.

  • From here you can check your account details are up to date and view your bill
  • Alternatively use our automated phone service to check your balance - 0800 443 311
  • Forward the email to our dedicated mailbox – - and delete the email 

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