Get started with BT Mobile

To get started with BT Mobile, head over to


Just pop your SIM into your device, then turn it off and on again. If it’s locked, follow How do I unlock my mobile phone or tablet?


Once you put your SIM in, you might need to choose from a list of mobile providers. If BT isn't on the list, just choose any of them and your service will work fine. We'll send you some texts to set your device up for our network - just follow the instructions.


If you're having problems, give us a call on 150 from your mobile or 0800 800 150 from another phone.


Can I keep my number?

If you want to move your number to BT, take a look at Can I keep my number when I move to BT Mobile?


The My BT app

We'll text about downloading the free My BT app. You can use it to keep tabs on what you're using and see the data, minutes and texts left on your plan each month. You can also get a summary of any extra charges, so you'll know what you're going to see on your next bill.


The BT Wi-fi app

We'll also ask you to download the BT Wi-fi app. It helps you get online in a flash, for free, without eating into your data allowance. You'll only ever need to log into a hotspot once: after that, it'll do it for you whenever you're in range.

The BT Wi-fi app is available on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phones.

(Note that if you only have BT Mobile you can only use your inclusive BT Wi-fi on your phone and not on any other devices.)

You can download both apps by clicking More apps from BT in the app main menu. 

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